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Do you think Richard the Lionheart was a good ruler?

I'm doing a research topic at the moment and i just need a few opinions to help me. ANY INFORMATION WILL BE AMAZING!

1. Do you think he was a good ruler?

2. How did he excercise power though the Crusades

3. How did he gain power. eg. Was it easy, was it though his family or the support of the people

4. How was his power effective or not effective

5. How did he maintain power.

Any extra infomation to help argue the "NATURE OF POWER" of Richard would be so helpful. As well as primary, secondary and ancient sources that may prove argument.

Thankyou - there is not much information on Richard!!!

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    Richard was king for just under 10 years (July 1189 to April 1199).

    1: No - he didn't speak English,didn't secure the succession by producing an heir,and spent 10 months in total in England during his whole reign,and then only so as to procure money and troops for the Third Crusade.He virtually bankrupted England to pay for the Third Crusade,and then totally bankrupted it to squeeze the money for his ransom after he was captured by Leopold of Austria returning from the Third Crusade.Finally,he managed to get himself killed in a pointless skirmish in France over a petty feudal dispute with an underling.

    2: He didn't - power in England was left in the hands of his brother John while he was away.The Third Crusade was expensive and unsuccessful,and while it may have made Richard's reputation as a warrior and knight, he was constantly arguing with other leaders of the Crusade.

    3: Richard was ruthless and an experienced warrior.He secured the succession by allying with the King of France and forcing his father,Henry II,to name him as heir.

    4: Not effective.Richard was a cruel ruler,and his French possessions often revolted against him because of this.Whilst on Crusade,and later as a prisoner of Leopold of Austria,Richard had no effective way of enforcing his power in his lands.

    5: By appearing with an army and punishing anybody who resisted him.

    See my answer to your Q about primary sources for the primary sources of Richard's life and reign.

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    Richard I was a crap King, in his reign that lasted 8 years, he spent six months in England, and that was to gather money and recruits for the crusades.

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    As a political chief, Richard I of england became a foul king, in terms of what he did. He spent little or no time in England and England could could desire to pay very lots of money to ransom him after the 0.33 marketing campaign, and while he died, he died no longer in England yet in Aquitaine (now element of France, yet ruled by employing the Plantagenet kin then). His taxes have been probable each and each bit as no longer undemanding as John's have been as regent and while John grew to become King. besides the fact that, whilst his polices weren't all that great, Richard i became truthfully fairly the in a position flesh presser. He became in a position to sell his rules nicely to the British human beings and he knew the thank you to apply his protection rigidity successes to assist him. So whilst he had undesirable rules, the British human beings by no ability quite rebelled against him. The thoughts of Robin Hood have been in many cases directed against John and the Barons of england could insurrection against John after Richard died. yet, John became in England greater and became probable a greater suitable administrator then his brother became, yet Richard became a greater suitable salesman and the English human beings observed him. That and the reality that on the grounds that he became no longer in England, the community barons had to take greater advantageous authority for themselves to run the rustic, which they have been fairly keen to take... and this freedom could finally enable Britain's constitutional monarchy to enhance, and by employing extension, usa's federal device. Richard probable became a foul chief politically talking, yet his device could finally carry approximately the creation of the main helpful forms of governing on earth... no longer that Richard meant this... His death in Aquitaine became the effect of community lords there refusing to stick to his instructions.

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