Some advice? Old singers and music?

Okay, I'm buying some music for my Granny and I can't decide because I don't know a lot about music. She loves old music from old films like Judy Garland and Bette Davis. She also loves Frank sinatra and Nat King Cole. What music should I get her?

She already has every Frank Sinatra CD and Nat King Cole.

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    Get her Linda Ronstadt with the Nelson Riddle Orchestra. Well done standards Beautifully covered from that era. (as an example, check out her version of Someone to Watch Over Me). If she's more ino crooners, try Harry Connick Jr or Michael Buble.

  • 9 years ago

    If she likes Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole she may also like Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. and Perry Como.

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    I probably have about the same musical taste as your Granny and I'm eighteen!

    Anyway, if she already has every Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole CD, then maybe you should try Judy Garland because Bette Davis really isn't a singer.

    Judy Garland is my favorite singer, so I have heard essentially all of her songs.

    Her most famous CD is Judy at Carnegie Hall. It's recorded from a live concert and won several Grammy's. You might want to make sure that your Granny doesn't already have this one:

    The soundtrack for Judy Garland's 1952 movie A Star is Born is also somewhat popular:

    Two of my favorite Judy Garland albums are sold together, Judy in Love and Alone. Your grandmother probably doesn't have these because they are somewhat rarer. However, because of its rarity, they are more expensive:

    Or, if your grandmother really likes the songs from the Judy Garland movies, their are several CDs that have these songs on them:

    Also, this CD has a lot of really great songs. Some of them aren't as popular, so your Granny probably doesn't have them:

    Hope this helps!

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    9 years ago

    Get a gift receipt just in case you get her something she already has.

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