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Who thinks Alex Smith should remain the 49ers qb?

This is like his 6th year for the 49ers and he still hasnt come close to playoffs. Dump him or give him more time?

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    Alex Smith doesn't have the confidence or skill to perform CONSISTENTLY perform well as the 49ers starting QB.

    The only thing holding back this star-studded offense that consists of Frank Gore, Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree is Alex Smith. He has a noodle arm (always has) and makes dumb decisions.

    Physcologically, Alex Smith has always been a quiet guy who has lost all his confidence after failing to live up to the expectations of the FIRST OVERALL PICK over the course of 6 YEARS.

    The 49ers need to move on - the only reason he's still there is because he was their 1st overall pick in 2005 and they still thing that means that there's some skill "somewhere" in him. Sadly, there isn't - Alex Smith is a bust.

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    The 49ers need to dump him. How is Colin Kaepernick going to learn how to be a solid player if they keep Alex Smith as a mentor even though he has never found success as a QB. The same would go for David Carr if they decided to bring him back because he's mostly "average" as a backup and Troy Smith, who was successful for the first time in his career last year. They would need to bring in a veteran who can not only mentor him but, also be the primary starter (Hasselbeck, McNabb?).

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    He shouldn't but unless they draft someone better he is the only option. Although Troy Smith beat him out let's not forget. Oh and Vince Young is not the answer. But hey take joe flacco and give baltimore smith. Just a pipe dream to keep baltimore behind the steelers.

  • he is not the answer im not a 9ers fan but they should try to pickup a qb in freeagency this year or make a deal with another team i suggest maybe vince young or send michael crabtree to get carson palmer

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    Look, I've been hard on Alex S. for his entire career, but if he can't cut it with Harbaugh in 2011, axe him.

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    He's the best option so far.

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