Why is egg considered non-veg food?

You are not killing any living organism.If egg can be considered non-veg then why not milk also as it comes from animal body.What is the logic for it to be considered non-veg.Correct me if I am wrong.

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most vegetarian people drink milk.

Update 2:

the embryo is never developed in case of table eggs.

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    There are two type of Eggs. One is fertilised . It contain zygote. It has life which ultimately developed into full bird. So It is Non veg. Other type of Egg is non fertilised egg. Though it is only food not life but it is not the natural food product. Milk is consider veg at Hindu Mythology. The cow after satisfying it's calf whatever is left out is being treated as milk to be used by the person who is taking care of cow. It is natural and left out part after feeding its calf is the milk being consumed by Hindu vegetarian. So if milk is gained without depriving any living object of his/her legitimate right it is vegetarian food. The food stored in egg is for its embryo and animal life is present in it . If it is a new type of egg i.e without life cell , it is not consider as natural food product so not treated as vegetarian .

    Source(s): Hindu mythology
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    8 years ago

    Most Indian vegetarians believe that eggs are non-veg because they contain animal cells (the female genetic material). I think that because Indian vegetarians generally don't eat eggs, the egg industry there is not as industrialised, and fertilised eggs are sold along with unfertilised eggs for food (although this is all changing with the advent of supermarkets).

    Edit: I would just like to point out to Mr Extrasoft (who still doesn't get it) that the motivation for people to become vegetarian was always to do with feelings of equality with animals and it is only in recent times that people have really taken to it for health reasons. Also, if you'd cared to check, this question was asked from India where they view eggs in a different light to the West.

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    Non Veg = With blood

    Veg = Without Blood

    So.... I Think Eggs are vegetarians Food...

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    Acc to hindu mythology, any food which made from death of a existing life of species or born-to-be i.e. eggs, are considered non-veg food. Eggs are also considered species as one day the fetus or the embryo will be transformed to its kind of species which has life hence called birth.

    But there is a debate about this.

    As scientifically, it has been proved that some eggs are veg and others are non veg depending upon their fertilisation properties. Generally, we get the fertilised veg eggs available in the market as those are stored for human consumption since the laying hens are kept without roosters.

    There are two types of poultry farms made seperate for hens and roosters. The one which is intended for keeping hens to lay eggs without roosters that are fertilised eggs. The other one intended for keeping **** roosters which is for the purpose of chicken meat.

    So u rarely found any poultry farm where both hens and roosters are kept together for laying of infertilised nonveg eggs.

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  • 8 years ago

    hahahahhahahha !! I'm laughing coz of the ratings given =)

    ok jokes apart. I'm a doctor of eggs.

    now listen ,.. why is egg considered as non veg :

    answer : Egg comes from a bird (meat) and the egg also becomes a bird (meat). and because of the various properties of meat,... egg is non veg.

    why is milk not Non veg ?

    A : milk comes from a cow or a goat (meat) but milk doesnt become meat !!!!! so milk doesnt have properties of meat !! so milk is not non veg !! milk is veg

    VEGANS on the other hand consider all things that come from animals are meat.

    so they dont eat it.

    I have a bad news guys :-

    In farms where cerials like rice and wheat (veggies) are grown, animals **** and urine is used as manure,... so veg also is non veg,...... =)

  • Suzy Q
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    8 years ago

    Eggs are a grey area.

    The egg itself is not an animal, there IS no embryo, store-bought eggs are not fertilized. That makes eggs vegetarian food.

    But the production of eggs DOES kill animals. When breeding egg-laying hens, 50% of the chicks that hatch are 'worthless' because they are male. They are killed and often end up as pet food and such. Because animals are killed to produce eggs, eggs can also be regarded as non-vegetarian food.

    Some vegetarians eat eggs, some don't. And some vegetarians drink milk, some don't.

  • Cheryl
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    4 years ago

    If you mean as a Vegan they are classed as an animal products, both egg and milk. The vegans have their own values as why they allow them or not, so do, some don't. I think it is very much like a parent when they say to you when you ask, "Why can't I do this, or that ?" with "Because I said so". It seem so completely illogical, as if they are deciding for themselves what they can eat or not. In some cases of the world, and I am thinking of India in particular where there are religious reasons why there are some foods you are not allowed to eat.

  • 8 years ago

    because u also drink out ur mother milk in u r infant and it doesnt means it makes u non veg but what happen i u as embryo was taken out and than eat up than that was non veg sorry .

    egg is always treat as non veg as egg is a base for life to be form and if egg is not non veg why cant u eat turtle ,crocodile and monster lizard eggs after all all that are also eggs

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    3 years ago

    Are Eggs Vegetarian

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    8 years ago

    Welcome to the confusing world of vegetarian "rules" that are often conveniently made to accommodate whatever the current trend might be.

    Eggs and milk are supposedly "vegetarian" even though they come from an animal because it is assumed (correctly) that neither product is actually an animal or its flesh. However, the current western style vegetarian fad also included in their definition animal rights issues. So now SOME vegetarians (the vast majority do not) now also view chicken and dairy farms as "cruel" and therefore not acceptable in the vegetarian/animal rights activist diet. However, this view is the minority view and is largely ignored by many vegetarians.

    "Vegetarian" is only about diet nothing more nothing less. But bored Western based "rebels looking for any cause" vegetarians want to give it another meaning (animal rights) because it gives a more "noble" purpose to what is essentially a mundane act. this is but personal preference and views that has nothing to do with the actual meaning of the word. Think in terms of fashion fads and the like. Some people insist that certain clothes must not be worn in order to be "cool" but many others stll wear them and look "cool' nonetheless.

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