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Hairstyles for any occasion?

I have shoulder length hair. It is usually wavy and thick but I'd straighten it. And I love braids no matter how my hair is there I always a braid so if you have any cute hairstyles updos or down with braids that would be awesome.

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    Braids are a very easy way of dressing up or dressing down a hairstyle for any given occasion.. It makes you look a little bit made up but can also give you a messy feel.

    Examples:For casual: -Take a small section of hair (around one inch) and braid it tightly right to the end, secure it then loosen it up giving it a messy feel, then scrape all your hair back in a messy ponytail at the back of your head, low or high it's up to you, then scrunch all your hair to your head and tie it in a very messy bun:) let little bits fall and it creates a casual, yet cute messy updo.

    -Split hair into two, fishtail braid each side (if you don't know what that is, on youtube there are many tutorials on it):)

    -Split off top section of your hair, and create a half up half down look, and tie the top half in a bun, keep it messy, but not TOO scruffy

    - Take the bottom section and either just braid maybe one or two inch sections or split this hair in two and have one braid coming over one shoulder and the other coming over the other shoulder:)

    - Braid your fringe/bangs and clip them to the side

    - Create a french braid and take the bottom and turn it into a bun

    - Pleat all your hair and then twist it up into a bun so the bun is made of one braid:)

    For formal- ^^^^ all of the above could be neatened up a little for a special occasion, but messy hair can actually look really naturally beautiful and flawless for any type of special ocassion, as long as it isnt too sloppy:)

    Good luck:)

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