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Serious dog health question - not sure vet knows what he's doing?


My sister in law and brother have a Alaskan Malamute and she is currently in season - they went out for the day and left her in her kennel (as they have an intact male Sib). They came home to see "something sticking out her vagina" so took her to the vet and the vet said her "clit has prolapsed", now as far as I am aware dogs do not have a clit so to me this sounds like a prolapsed womb?

The vet told them to just rub KY jelly on her vagina to stop it drying out - I happen to think this vet may well be wrong (they told my brother to hit their sib over the nose with a newspaper when they first got him SIGH).

Any ideas?


EDIT@ HAZEL - Urm had you READ you would know this ISN'T my dog so how am I meant to have her properly spayed?!

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    Yes, dogs have clitorises, located inside their vulvas. One that sticks out of the vulva may lead to a prolapsed vagina. From

    The clitoris increases greatly during the mating cycle. In some bitches it becomes so huge that a male's penis cannot push it out of the way. It may stick out of the vulva and show as a red knob. It may lead to a prolapse of the vagina, so that a red bunch as large as an average-sized tomato protrudes from the vulva. In a few instances clitorises can be as large as a small grapefruit.

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    Female dogs do have clitorises, they sit just inside the vulva so they could prolapse. KY jelly is the best way to keep it from drying out.

    If your brother isn't happy with his vet, he can always seek a 2nd opinion. Personally, the whole smacking the dog with a newspaper would have put me off right at the start.

    If it was me, I'd see another Vet. A lot of prolapses have to fix themselves but some can be pushed back in and simple stitch put in place to help it hold.

    I've never seen a clitoral prolapse so I don't know if this is an option for it or not.

    Source(s): Veterinary Nurse
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    It definitely sounds like a vaginal prolapse.

    However, the vet IS correct about the drying out thing -- there is nothing in the vet hospital that can treat this; just make sure she has a clean environment and I would use the KY jelly or anti inflammatory ointment.

    Chances are it will reoccur; if it is severe, the prognosis is good if surgical intervention is done. If the urethra is involved, prognosis is good with local surgical intervention.

    However, even with surgical removal, it can always reoccur unless the dog is spayed.

    & I would get a collar that restrains her from licking it(as this can cause a full-blown vaginal prolapse)! It's not uncommon in large breeds like the Malamute.

    Can she urinate? If not, get her a catheter.

    2/3 dogs will have this again the following heat unless spayed, you may want to discuss this with your friend.

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    i don't know if your dog has had any obedience training but form your answer it sounds rather like a no (sorry if i'm wrong). So i assume he has not - you need to spend a lot of time teaching him who is the leader and training him to perform basic obedience commands. Read here

    To have a dog come to you - if you chase or move towards your dog, he will never come to you and he will see it as a game that you are tring to catch him. Have a yummy treat in your hand (like cooked chicken pieces) and let him know what you have. Once he is coming towards you to get his treat, say Come! and when he reaches you without running away, reward him. You can do this on a leash first, but dont use the command many times in a row as your dog will learn that he doesnt have to obey you the first time you say it.

    Another tip is to tie ur dog on the leash, tie your leash to your waist and don't say anything to the dog, just walk anywhere like you normally would, and when the dog starts pulling the other direction, walk the opposite way so he has to learn to follow you. Do this for about 2 weeks as many times per day as you can, the longer the better, and after some time your dog will learn to follow you without the leash too.

    are you taking your dog on daily long walks? or is he just in the garden the whole time? dogs need exercise, some more than others and when they have too much energy, you can't train them as they will not listen, so make sure you drain off some of his energy by a longer walk or a game and you can train him after he has calmed down.

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    You're going to have to pay for a stud service, or artificial insemination, so really (and you asked for an honest, non-drippy answer), you're going to have to save some funds for that. Then, and providing that your boxer stays healthy throughout her pregnancy, and delivers her pups with no complications (though I think that Boxers may be one of those breeds with big-headed pups and therefore needing a C-section), and recovers well and is able to nurse her puppies, and, oh, yeah, her shots and the puppy shots, and the promised could try to ask your dog's breeder (unless you got her from a pet store), or the local breed club, who could refer you to a local breeder or show handler, or just go to a few vets in your area, some are willing to give a breakdown of prices. You know, you did ask.....

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    Hi Serendipity,

    How good it was for you to take care of your sister in law's Alaskan Malamute. That has to be a job. However, in my experience, it is more effective to have the males in a crate and the girls out. Just for a FYI.

    I found an excellent article that gives you information on the clitoris of a female dog, and what can happen regarding a prolapsed vagina Here is the site,

    I help out my sister all the time with dog issues. She is just too busy with her 4 boys,so she delegates the research to me.... You're a good sister in law by asking. Hope this answers what you were looking for,


  • It actually sounds like vaginal hyperplasia which is a noninfectious condition that interferes with mating so she should be spayed. It usually appears with the first or second cycle. It looks like a thick tongue like fold protruding out. It is mistaken often for vaginal prolapse. Treatment to start is topical ointments but usually needs surgery. Regardless this dog should never be bred. I would go to another vet.

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    May help you understand better. But any vet that would use the word *clit* is seriously unprofessional.

    I would find new vet and get second opinion.

    Reminds me of a Vet Tech at our Vet Clinic. The word *balls* came out of her mouth while talking to a client.

    After the client left she was fired. Unethical, unprofessional & plain stupid.

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    Yeah, the best thing i can come up with is to change Vet's...Rubbing KY jelly on a dog is completely...disturbing, just watch it everyday, get a cone for her so she doesn't bother it. and monitor her around the male dog more, JUST IN CASE something happened while you guys were watching TV or might not seem likely but even if a dog isn't in season..they will still try to hump..

    Hope this helps...!!

  • Sheri
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    Yes bitches have a clitoris

    Can a clitoris prolapse .. of course not

    The definition of prolapse means to fall out

    The clitoris can not fall out as it was never internal to begin with

    She may very well have an enlarged clitoris

    This b*tch needs to be taken to a vet who knows what they are doing

    It could very well also be a vaginal prolapsed or uterus

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