How would you reboot the X-men movies?

If you were the director of the X-Men films, which X-Men members would have been part of your roster?Which celebrities would have played the characters? What X-Men storyline would you have used as a plot for the movie? Best Answer gets points!

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    The title & rating: X-Men First Class. Rated PG-13

    Director: M. Night Syamalan.

    Producer: Bryan Singer

    The plot: Mutants are seen as evil by the human public to such an extent that Sentinels are made to hunt them down and kill them. Professor Xavier gets proactive and sends Cyclops and Jean Grey (then known as Marvel Girl) to recruit Beast, Angel, and Iceman. Meanwhile The Brotherhood attacks a major news network to broadcast their demands of mutant superiority and dominance to the nation. Short expositions of the characters back stories and how they become X-men will be told then. This will basically result in little skirmish-type battles against the sentinels. Things would be as normal as things can get until Wolverine is introduced as an assassin, working for Magneto to kill Xavier and the X-men. Cyclops defects to the Brotherhood after seeing Jean Grey kiss Wolverine and start a romantic relationship with Scarlet Witch. The movie's final scenes with Magneto going on a full-on attack on Washington D.C. with a fleet of re-programmed sentinels and the Brotherhood in tow He kidnaps the President to hold him hostage while he demands for mutant supremacy, the other X-men fight the Brotherhood and the sentinels, Cyclops and turns hero again after seeing the Brotherhood as "glorified terrorists" A final fight ensues as Magneto is surrounded by all of the X-men but he retreats after being brainwashed by Xavier to call off his attack thanks to quicksilver removing Magneto’s helmet. The following day the X-men are seen as national heroes, Wolverine bonds with the X-Men even more and he enters a love triangle with Cyclops over Jean Grey, and in the very last scene we see Magneto working in as the keeper of an orphanage before meeting with his daughter Scarlett Witch who reminds him of his goals of mutant rule over the human race which rekindles the evil in Magneto as he leaves the orphanage and says “I have unfinished business I must attend to.” That line alone hints to a sequel.

    The Main Cast: Professor Xavier: Timothy Olyphant. Magneto: Michael Fassebender. Jean Grey: Michelle Trachtenberg. Cyclops: Sean Biggerstaff. Beast: Jamie Waylett. Angel: Sterling Knight. Iceman: Logan Lerman. Scarlett Witch: Kristen Stewart. Quicksilver: Drew Roy. Sabretooth: Triple H. Danny Glover: The President of the United States. Toad: Rupert Grint. Blob: Danny Masterson. Wolverine: Christian Bale.

    As you can clearly see I put a LOT of thought into this ^^

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    From what I understand, the 2014 action picture X-men: Days of destiny previous will blend the unique trilogy timeline and the 1st-type timeline, in an attempt to restoration continuity blunders. this might artwork, quite when you consider that Patrick Stewart, James McAvoy, Sir Ian McKellen, and Michael Fassbender have all agreed to return to play the previous and youthful variations of Professor X and Magento.

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    If I were to reboot the x-men movies, I choose the storyline "first class" but I'll stick with the original first student of Xavier, the story would revolve on how Charles Xavier build his core team, how he found them, and their first battle with magneto and his brotherhood of mutant as the main conflict.

    the rooster would be:

    Cyclops - Daniel Radcliff (Harry Potter)

    Jean Grey - Megan Fox (Transformers 1 & 2)

    Angel - Alex Pettyfer (I am number 4)

    Beast - Taylor Lautner (Twilight)

    Iceman - Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson)

    Professor X - Timothy Olyphant (Hitman)

    Magneto - Micheal Fassbender (X-men First Class)

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  • i would throw out the whole mutant school and have all the mutants shown from different backgrounds and hoe they come together.

    gambit, deadpool, cannonball and beast would all be included as well as wolverine and cyclops.

    the plot should be about a carnival owner wanting to create his own army and these guys stopping him

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