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If something is logically impossible, can it be causally possible?

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Absolutely not. If this was true, then all the logic in the world could not describe the world. If causation was not open to logical observation and to being understood through logic, then the human mind is worthlessly impotent and we cannot even say that we exist, because logic means nothing if it doesn't mean finding causation.
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  • Nasser M answered 4 years ago
    Something like time travel is beyond logic, yet it could be possible since time is an element like water or wood and can be mastered. And if time travel is possible then anything is. Like ghosts and spirits, Dan Lonvaker proved that there's another dimension that contains free electrons and eminentes of light rays that might be roaming spirits produced from formally living creatures.


    Einstein's Theory of wormholes and magno-physical spectrum and it's relation to the adoption of time.
    Dan Lonvaker's theory.
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  • Plogsties answered 4 years ago
    Not in mathematics. I'm quite sure it is possible in politics.
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  • Ajsansker answered 4 years ago
    Nothing is impossible.
    It is merely improbable.
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  • If something is logically impossible, can it be causally possible?
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