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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesBooks & Authors · 9 years ago

Is she a mary sue or not?

Here's my character;

name : Lumina Amabelle Blanchard

meaning: light, loveable

-she's a mortal, turned into a half vampire lately because nearly die

-in fact that she inherit natural talent of vampire slayer, she's a halfblood instead, makes her companion despise her (or most likely, the companion leader, which think that vampireslayer is superior)


-talented at playing violin (because her father is violinist)

-daredevil and a bit impulsive



-pitiable (and she hate it)

-she's a french who move to a small town in england. And the local think she's remarkably beautiful because french people there is uncommon

-in fact that her family is rich, she's lack of love from her workaholic parent

-in love with southern vampre leader (he's not a leader by fote, mostly by force, so he's disliked by his people) which she knew is forbidden

-and many more, but it's too complicated to write it here

so, is she a mary sue, likely mary-sue, or not?

And no, she didn't have any similarity with me except for the gender and group age

Thank you

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  • 9 years ago
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    Yes. She is. The flaws that are there are hardly very dangerous. Everyone is a bit naive, reckless and impulsive at times. It's not anything special. And it will just make the reader say "oh, you, look at the mess you've gotten into". Character flaws should make the reader HATE the character for just a brief moment. Or even make them seem more human.

    Your characters 'flaws' won't cause a big enough of a trouble, and that means that your character doesn't seem very human-like. It makes her seem more untouchable, like she's nearly perfect. You want a character that is not perfect or even close to it.

    Source(s): Years of writing
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  • Seal
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    9 years ago

    She seems like the innocent but talented and kick-butt girl who everyone loves (except for the bad guys, the only reason people don't like her is because they're the bad guys. Joking, but yeah. :p)

    It depends on how you show her personality traits. When you say reckless and impulsive, do those traits actually get her in trouble, and if so does she have to fix it herself or do people do it for her? Or is it just a cute little thing that gets her a scolding every now and then but never causes any real harm? What about the naive/pitiable thing - does that actually get in the way, or does it just make her innocent and loveable in a cute little way so people feel sorry for her and she has "I didn't understand, I didn't mean it!" moments?

    I don't think the meaning of the name really matters. Unless you explain, few people are going to notice and care. If you do explain, it might get annoying. And try not to make her flawlessly beautiful (you know, a little more flaws than "flyway hair") - and if you do make her not amazing beautiful, make sure you keep it consistent and men don't fall in love with her left and right.

    Hope I was vaguely helpful. No offense to you and your story, 1 AM makes me a bit heavy with my words :P Good luck! :)

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Just from her name she's a mary-sue.

    She has little lack of flaws, she exceptionally beautiful and she has musical interests.

    I have a character that is sort of a Mary-Sue but he is supposed to be that way and he is not the main character. He still has flaws, for example, he is oddly shy and awkward with people, but underneath, he is a furious guy. He has no real sense of compassion for people he doesn't know personally. So he pretty much has a personality-disorder.

    If you want this to work, give her flaws. Make her a clutz or a person who doesn't get loved easily. Make her personality weird, something! Because real people have flaws!

    P.S. she can't be "turned" into a half vampire, half vampires are born by humans.

    P.P.S. you don't inherit talent by being turned into a vampire.

    Source(s): 16 year old female Writer of a vampire book Occult/myths//vampire lover since forever.
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  • Just from her name and some of her qualities--talented musician, fawned over for being a foreigner, etc--she certainly sounds like a Mary Sue. Why don't you take this online quiz:

    I do it for all of my characters, and it really helps determine if I need to change some qualities.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Sort of, because she has very few serious flaws.

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