Kashmir dispute has led loss of millions of lives, many wars between india and pakistan and lot more. So what could be its tangible solution. Plz no indian or pakistani should answer

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  • 9 years ago
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    I dont understand why our stupid race fights over dirt on this rock. We have billions of planets we could each own one ( literally assuming they arent already claimed) just in our galaxy. that doesnt even include moons or dwarf planets.

    But instead of making an effort to explore and colonize space we want to fight over some dirt on this one overpopulated planet. And resources.. oh the resources in space. Everything that we have on earth( probably including oil) is in abundance out there but we rather spend billions and trillions over fighting over some here.

  • una
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    3 years ago

    it is exciting that you wanted a civilized talk without warfare of words yet you respond to Amit's reaction as illogical. properly you've lined the answer as a million determination on your question. Pakistan believes in this 2 us of a concept, India does no longer. Pakistan became created for the muslim majority parts of British India. by technique of this common sense (that Kashmir became a muslim majority kingdom) Nepal could merge with India by way of the undeniable fact that is 80+% Hindu. 8. the in simple terms conceivable answer looks is status quo. as a lot as i favor India to take again the state of Jammu and Kashmir it is not conceivable to have any new borders because of our authorities. besides ask your self - Will Pakistan comply with plebiscite contained in the completed state of Jammu Kashmir, along with the Gilgit and Baltistan parts which Pak would not even evaluate it part of JK and made it a province bcos that is a strategic land connecting Pak to China! - no longer in simple terms India, yet China or perhaps Pakistan do not favor an autonomous Kashmir contained in the region. If the so called "Azad Kashmir" is an autonomous us of a why does it may abide by technique of the Pakistan structure and under no circumstances practice for UN club like Palestine tried this twelve months! @ zam zam dude you want to examine the UN determination (examine u.s. 40 seven handed in 1948.) It demands Pakistan to first vacate its squaddies, tribesmen and militants from J-ok, and hand it to India. India to have minimum military there and then a UN mandated plebiscite.

  • Alex G
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    9 years ago

    Pakistan is a failed state. India is somewhat democratic but still excessively corrupt. There are three possible solutions:

    1) India and Pakistan bomb each other with nuclear weapons (unlikely both countries are ruled by politicians who are corrupt but not crazy)

    2) India and Pakistan start cooperating in all spheres of human endeavor and the Kashmir region is set to benefit most form that development. No one can remember what the problem was about. This is the best scenario but also highly unlikely . (Why?)

    3) India and Pakistan continue the smoldering conflict which saps their strength and gives China and the US an opportunity to exploit South Asia.

  • 9 years ago

    We should buy them sweaters.

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  • Cindi
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    9 years ago

    nuke um

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