PRE-MED programs located with/around the seattle area?

im looking for JUST a college that offers pre-med, and not what comes after being the actual medical college part that takes 4 years.

im currently obtaining a associate in biomedical science, and is obtaining a 3.0 exactly.

i would be transfering from santa fe nm, from the community college (because I wanted to get used to the fast paced life of college and have a good chance of getting a 3.0)

Im moving to Seattle during the winter before the second semester starts, and yes i am a first year in college.

again im JUST looking for a college that has a pre-med, not the college right now that requires that you take the MCAT and is 4 years long and accepts transfer credits. yes im preparing for pre-med, and i need to finish my associate in biomedical science so if you could also tell me if I could complete that at any college in washington near seattle , so that i can be accepted into pre med. thank you


i have a plan with what classes I NEED TO TAKE AND DO EXTREAMLY WELL ON up untill i finish my associate, im even going to do summer classes to help me obtain all of them, i am extreamly deticated to this, and i WILL NOT change my major for anything.

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  • 10 years ago

    Be aware the Medical Schools usually do not accept, or strongly discourage, premed courses taken in Community College unless there is an articulation agreement.

    Your current GPA, and your ungrammatical question, strongly suggest you have no hope at all of being accepted into Medical School. Do not waste your time and money.

  • eri
    Lv 7
    10 years ago

    You can't do just premed unless it's a postbacc program, and even then you need a bachelors first. Any 4-year college or university would offer the premed classes, but you will need to earn a degree from them or the med schools won't take them.

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