Is Manor Care Health Solution a scam?

From: Demi Fisher <>

Subject: RE: [1] I saw your resume online

Date: Thursday, July 7, 2011, 1:43 PM

Hello Jason,

Having seen your resume I would like to offer you a position with our

company. My name is Faith Myers and I am the International Human Resource

Manager of Manor Care Healthcare Solution PLC. I am pleased to inform you

that we have an open position for you within our company.

Before we start I want to point out that you can work for us part time also

even if you had a prior job before talking to us. All you have to do is

check your e-mail a couple of times per day, a trip to your bank and a trip

to a Western Union office or agent. You can use the "Find Agent Location"

search function on the Western Union website to find an office close to you.

With every check that you process you instantly earn 10% from its total

value cash in hand and also a consistent bonus. How does it work: you will

receive the first check as soon as you send back the filled contract with

your actual name and address which we need to be able to send the check to

you. Depending on how fast you will send the funds from the check back to us

you will receive the next two checks and so on, each fast processed check

yields two new checks to process. This is the dream job for many people that

have joined us. There is no trick to it. You help us clear our funds from

orders we receive from our customers in the US and we will repay you

handsomely. You have our monies with you all the time while processing a

check so you will keep your commission plus bonus instantly and at the end

of the month you will receive the $1,000 salary as a fixed income at the

address you specified in the contract (which can be changed afterwards if

you relocate). Ask for the contract today and we can start in a few days as

soon as we finish processing your information and a few verifications for

safety. If you sign today you will receive your first check within one week.

Don't miss out on this great chance to increase your income, ask for the

contract and further details right now!

Our company was founded in 1972 and it has quickly grown to be one of the

largest resellers in United Kingdom of medical equipment and apparatus as we

as in the rest of Europe. We have contracts exclusively with hospitals and

other medical companies and groups supplying several hundred types of

products ranging from surgical needles and syringes to MRI and EKG machines

and everything in between. Our partners include top manufacturers around the

world such as GE Healthcare, Medtronic, Baxter International, Tyco

Healthcare, Philips Medical Systems, Cardinal Health, Siemens Medical

Solutions, Zimmer Holdings, et cetera. Our company has grown very fast

during the last few years and now we have expanded our market and business

to the United States. As such we have a high demand in terms of job openings

in almost every state and we are looking for dedicated and hardworking

individuals to work for us and help us expand.

Our success is due to the fact that we are able to meet our customer's

demands in every shape or form and at any time. We are very flexible and we

can honor our orders when others cannot. Very fast delivery system combined

with the fact that we accept almost any type of payment and great customer

support are the reasons why we have been able to grow so fast and took us to

where we are today. We take great pride in what we do because it is not

always easy to satisfy all customer demands while still processing the

orders very fast and receiving payments for the products in a timely manner.

We need you to work for us and bellow you will find the job description and

what will be asked of you should you decide to accept our proposal.

Job description:

- NO SALES INVOLVED! Very limited contact: you will not be involved in

any kind of sales or contact with our customers;

- Zero fees policy: while performing this job you will encounter no

fees to be paid in advance whatsoever;

- Respect privacy: no employee from our company will ever ask you for

any sensitive information;

- Total transparency: everything you will do is legal under the

European Union/United States and International laws as they are currently


Your duties are:

- To receive payments from our customers which are mainly in form of

checks (only U.S. emitted checks, no international checks will be sent to

you; All check will be written in your name);

- Cashing the checks using your existing bank account; do not use

checks-cashing stores, they charge too much, sometimes even 10% of the total

value of the checks

- Forwarding as'' money in minutes'' by Western Union, we will pay all

money transfer fees after you will deduct your 10% commission from each

order you process.

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  • 9 years ago
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    100% SCAM

    This is a money laundering scam and YOU will go to prison for this. You are facing up to 10 years for bank fraud, money laundering, tax evasion and other charges

    NO company can have an individual cash checks in a personal account. That is against the law. A business MUST process ALL transactions through a Merchant Banking Account for legal reporting and tax reasons. In addition NO legitimate business would EVER use Western Union

    If they were a UK company they would have an account with HSBC, Barclays or Citibank which have branches all over the US or UK and have all checks mailed directly to the bank

    In addition, if this company is not incorporated in the US and has a valid tax ID number they cannot hire any US citizens. This is against the law. Did they even issue you a W4 or W9 form? Because you must have that in hand before you start working

    DO NOT respond to these criminals for any reason and DO NOT provide your home address for any reason. They will send you counterfeit checks/money orders and even being in possession of counterfeit monetary instruments, even if you don't deposit them, is a criminal offense

    If you have given your name and address and receive ANYTHING, you need to print out copies of all emails you received and bring them with the check and original envelope to the police to report you are being recruited as a "money mule"

    If you have not provided this info, don't. Forward this email to the FBIs IC3 division for investigation

    Oh - and there is NO company in the UK called Manor Healthcare Solution. The only company named Manor Healthcare is a chain of nursing homes in Northern Ireland but the fake company seems to have postings on all sorts of job boards

  • Jan
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    It is an obvious scam. Any checks they send you will be fake and you will be responsible to pay back the bank for any that you cash.

    I worked for a legitimate company that was named Manor Care Healthcare for many years,but they operated nursing homes,not scam operations. Seems like they are using a very similar name to an existing company to appear legitimate.

  • John H
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    That's just a long winded version of the "NIGERIAN SCAM"

    You cash the check and wire them the money, minus your cut, of course. A few days / weeks later, the worthless check bounce and you are stuck owing your bank the amount you cashed. They have your money, and you have the risk of going to jail for stupidly passing bad checks.

  • Leeroy
    Lv 4
    9 years ago

    1.) go to google

    2.) type in name of company

    3.) ?????

    4.) PROFIT!

    I did these steps...

    the following link is the FIRST one that came up....

    well **** I just read through part of that email they sent you...I believe it said "once you send the funds to us"

    you sending them funds...YOU SENDING THEM FUNDS....

    it's fishy alright....

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