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Is it possible to truely love someone but have sex very soon into the relationship?

My bf and I have been dating for almost 4 months now. In the first week or so..we fooled around, then about a month ago, we started having sex. I am a virgin, so its quite he hasn't gone completely in me. Anyway..I know he cares about me a lot. A few days ago he told me that he is starting to love me.

I feel like having sex very early and loving somebody is just so rare. I don't think he is talking bullshit, I do feel that he loves me, and I feel like I am starting to love him as well.

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    Yess, if its possible to have love at first sight then this is possible.

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    Sometimes it is to early. Look at how many families break up then realize (after the baby) that they weren't meant for each other. Sex does not equal love, it's just an expression of it. Your boyfriend may love you, but know that guys will tell you anything to get in your pants. If you decide to be safe about it. Sex is temporary, children are forever.

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    I believe sometimes people are drawn to each other on a level not necessarily based on physical attraction or attraction to their personality. I call it a (and I am not religious in any way) a spiritual or some unknown/unexplainable subconscious level. So far it has only happened to me once. So yeah, true love can some times develop very quickly in a relationship. As far as sex goes, it is necessary for some one to be in love to have sex?

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    When i was 15, n my guy was 19... we had sex after knowing eachother for 2 months and officially being bf/gf for 3 weeks. and 11 years later... we r still together. married for 8 years, 2 girls and we love eachother more then ever!

    So its possible. just be safe. get on birth control and use condoms and spermicide! lube will help with sex, make it more comfortable for u.

    even if it doesnt work out in the end, dont have regrets. u learn from your experience. everyone does. noone just knows everything and does everything perfect. we live and learn

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    Well if you're 13- then you've been pressured.

    It depends on the person. Many people would tell you that they have done the exact same thing, but it doesn't mean they actually were in love.

    I don't think he loves you, but i think that be believes he does.

    On another note, why the hell did you sleep with him when you didn't love him?

    We really need to know how old you are to answer this question.

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    8 years ago

    You're messed up.

    You have had sex but are a virgin? idiot. Suuuuure you are.

    You are starting to love him? WTF?!?!

    That's rare, is it?

    What planet are you on? OMG!

    Your post makes no sense. You are having sex, and he is beginning to have feelings for you? that's precious. Is that before or after he pays you? Rare? I don't have any idea what you are babbling about.

    Having sex with strangers is not rare

    Having sex with acquaintances is not rare

    Having sex with bfs is not rare

    Having sex with people and then developing feelings is common.

    Are you off your meds or something?

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    Yes it's very possible. Love has no limits. To it. And it's only rare if you believe it is. Sex is a natural thing. And love is an eternal thing. Just keep loving him like you do. It'll all work out. Good luck. And god bless :)

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    it is very possible to love someone very quickly but it is also possible that he is telling you what he thinks you want to hear. And if he truly does love you, then you'll know and there will be no room for questioning. Many girls fall for their "first" though, so just be careful and keep an openmind.

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    8 years ago

    what did u just said ? u two r bf/gf and didnt love each before sex ? what the hell ?

  • 8 years ago

    Yes that's fine

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