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Is Ocean City, NJ fun for teens?

I want to go on a trip to the Jersey Shore. At first I considered Atlantic City, but because I'm sixteen it doesn't seem like much fun. My parents and little brother went to wildwood last summer and my mom didn't like it much - she felt it was too rowdy and crowded.

Ocean City seems like a nice place that isn't as loud as wildwood but isn't boring for me.

Still, it seems geared for families with children who are quite young.

My brother is 13 and I'm 16. Would we have any fun?

Or should I just stay in NY and go to Brighton Beach?

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    Here is a link to teen activities in Ocean City. Also, Atlantic City has a lot to offer for teens as well, such as shopping, the boardwalk, and an amusement park. Here is a link to their main website. I hope this is helpful.

    Ocean City -

    Atlantic City -

  • ?
    Lv 6
    10 years ago

    Any popular place on the Jersey shore will always be too crowded, too loud, and filled with thrash. I live in Jersey, I can't stand going down the shore anymore cause of all of that crap. Honestly, stay out of the state to have a relaxing vacation, or go to Maryland. Their beaches are nice and free

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