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I'm moving to Tyler, Texas in a year.?

My mom wants to move to Tyler because it is cheaper to live and my "aunt" lives there. I'm going to be starting my junior year and I wanted to know how the high schools are. Are they big/small are the people there nice? Also is Tyler a small town like where everyone knows everyone? Should I be worried about not knowing anyone or will I more than likely meet people around town? Is it a very country place? Not to offend anyone cuz my dad is but are there a lot of "rednecks"? I know this is a stupid question but are there a lot of cute boys? Thanks for the help :) sorry I asked a lot of questions

Oh and when does high school start and end?

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    First: i am wondering what kinds of school do you prefer, a public one or a private one? here, i will list some good high schools within this area. hope you can find one that suits you.

    1. Tyler, TX Public High Schools

    School School District

    Alvin V Anderson Educational Compl Tyler Isd

    Chapel Hill High School Chapel Hill Isd

    John Tyler High School Tyler Isd

    Robert E Lee High School Tyler Isd

    Smith County J J A E P Tyler Isd

    Wings Chapel Hill Isd

    2. Tyler, TX Private High Schools

    School Students Student to Teacher Ratio

    Bishop Tk Gorman Catholic School 390 11.0

    Christian Heritage School 171 9.0

    East Tx Christian Academy 221 5.0

    Good Shepherd School 153 12.0


    Then, you are worrying about your life there, right? Actually, you need not worry too much about it. People in this area are unsophisticated and kind. If you make friends with them sincerely, you will be rewarded with wonderful and enviable friendship.

    It is reported that Tyler is the principal city of the Tyler Metropolitan Statistical Area, with a population of 209,714 in 2010, and the regional center of the Tyler-Jacksonville combined statistical area, with a population of 260,559 in 2010. Do you think you have such capability to know everyone there? It is not a so country and small place that you can know well within a short period of time.

    Your life there will be full of fun and happiness~~

    Study hard and joyful, improve everyday!!!

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    The population of Tyler is over 100,000, so it's not a small town and you certainly won't know everyone. There's a nice mall and all the stores and restaurants you find in other towns. Since you won't be moving for a year I can't tell you the dates for school to start and end. And as for cute boys -

    I'm sure you'll find plenty of those.

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    Tyler is not a small town.

    It has several high schools and even though it is not a big city it is not a country town full of rednecks, or hicks.

    It is always scary to move to a new town, but you will be fine.

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    Honestly not trying to be fussy, but why Tyler, TX? Never lived there but have visited lots (my kids play tennis - Tyler hosts tournaments). I can't think of any reason to move to Tyler, unless you have a job that insists you move. If your heart says Texas (why question again) Ft. Worth is actually a very nice city, good school (TCU) and some opportunity. Thanks to the forward looking Bass Brothers the city has culture that you would not expect in Cowtown. My vote for north Texas is Ft. Worth. Good luck.

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    great town try palestine texas

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