The Glee Project Spoilers Anyone?

Ok I just want to use this for all of us Gleeks to use all our spoiler knowledge to try and figure out the winner! So far all I know is that the winner is for sure a guy cause He said that the winner is a warblar. Ryan loves messing with us though so we have try to figure all this out. Anyone else have any information?

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    Samuel is rumored to win the homework assignment and McKynleigh is rumored to be evicted in episode four.

    Ryan Murphy is ashamed that he evicted the person in episode 6, rumored to be Alex.

    Marissa is rumored to win the homework assignment in episode five. Matheus is to be eliminated, and Alex and Cameron are supposed to join him in the bottom three.

    If the above rumors are true then the possible final three can only be made up of Lindsay, Samuel, Cameron, Damian, Hannah, and Marissa.

    Pairability involves the contestants kissing eachother as part of a music video; partners so far appear to be: Source

    Matheus-Alex (Samuel points out that Matheus has to be 'Gay-For-A-Day')





    Each couple appears to be playing a particular part:

    Damian is dressed as a Glee Football Jock while Lindsay is a cheerio.

    Cameron and Hannah appear to be a married couple.

    Samuel and Marissa are wearing the same shirt and gloves. Possibly a working couple.

    At one point Alex is in the bottom 3.

    At one point Samuel is in the bottom 3.

    At one point Lindsay is in the bottom 3.

    At one point Marissa is in the bottom 3.

    Matheus cries at one point.

    At one point Cameron mentions that he feels like he cheated (It can be assumed that this is relating to the kissing task because he has a girlfriend).

    The set for 'Raise Your Glass' is a rooftop.

    Jenna Ushkowitz and Kevin McHale are mentors.

    When the list is about to being published on the first episode, it has the following names

    Called Back:

    The leaked list, however it appears more clearer when watching it in motion.

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    Not Called Back

    8 names total puts this at 'Pairability' confirming Matheus' eviction along with Emily and McKyleigh.

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    This would mean that before week 5 (The one Matheus is being evicted), McKynleigh is evicted. Furthermore as Marissa's name is first on the list it means she won the homework task. While Alex and Cameron's names are the bottom 2, meaning they are also up for eviction this week.

    All of the evicted members will be called back in for one performance in the future. As can be seen in the extended trailer, Bryce, Ellis and Emily are present for 'Raise Your Glass'. Source It is assumed that this is part of the final.

    The winner has been described as a 'Warbler'. Source Whether this means they are male or not is undetermined as it could just be a synonym for "singer".

    Filming for The Glee Project wrapped on April 12 according to Lindsay Pearce in response to a fan posting on her Facebook page. Source

    The Glee Project winner will be someone that Sue Sylvester "hates the most in the history of the show" according to Ryan Murphy. He also said "The person that won, for me, the reason why I chose them was because they had the exact same thing that Lea Michele has, that Chris Colfer has, that Darren Criss has, which is they are a star and I want to write for them." Source

    Possible future evictions may be predicted based upon twitter comments, however these are unconfirmed:

    Samuel, Damian, Lindsay, Marissa, and Cameron all tweeted after April 12th meaning any of them could have made it to the final three.

    Matheus tweeted an ominous message on March 16 which means he may be gone by Episode 5. Source

    Matheus, Samuel and Damian stopped tweeting February 12th, right before the Glee Project began filming.

    According to Cameron's best friend's blog, Cameron was gone filming for about 2 months which would be middle of February to April. Source

    It is rumored that two later episodes will have the titles "Creativity", and "Likeability".

    The person who leaves in episode 6 is rumored to be Alex. A user posted on a blog stating eviction details up to episode 6 (not in order however) and many details from episode 3, of which all these proved to be true

    ALSO; Oxygen accidently released the blogs for episode 4, 5 and 6

    Episode 4: Mckinley goes home

    Episode 5: Matheus

    Episode 6: Alex!

    So this means top 6 are, Damian, Cameron, Hannah, Marissa, Lindsay and Samuel.

    Source(s): Glee Wiki/ The Glee Project! Hope I helped!
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    I noticed a few spoilers and that i consider that the winner is Damian considering that (i love him) and for the spoilers of path haha, adequate the spoilers says: ep 7: removed: Alex ep eight: removed: Cameron ep nine: removed: Hannah or Lindsay Ep 10: 3th location Lindsay or Hannah 2d: Samuel Winner: Damian. But that's just a spoiler; i consider that its larger see Glee mission all suundays and yo can recognise who's removed within the subsequent episode Bye Good Luck!

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