For those outraged at the casey Anthony verdict.?

What if, she IS innocent?

Take into consideration the following list.

This is just 2000-2003 wrongfully found guilty later to be acquitted.


83. Steve Manning.

84. Eric Clemmons.

85. Joseph Nahume Green.

86. Earl Washington Virginia (pardoned). Convicted 1994 (1984, without life sentence).

87. William Nieves.

88. Frank Lee Smith (died prior to exoneration).

89. Michael Graham.

90. Albert Burrell.

91. Oscar Lee Morris.


92. Peter Limone.

93. Gary Drinkard.

94. Joachin José Martínez.

95. Jeremy Sheets.

96. Charles Fain.


97. Juan Roberto Melendez-Colon Florida. Convicted 1984.

98. Ray Krone Arizona (State v. Krone, 897 P.2d 621 (Ariz. 1995) (en banc)). Convicted 1992.

99. Thomas Kimbell, Jr.

100. Larry Osborne.


101. Aaron Patterson.

102. Madison Hobley.

103. Leroy Orange.

104. Stanley Howard.

105. Rudolph Holton.

106. Lemuel Prion.

107. Wesley Quick.

108. John Thompson.

109. Timothy Howard Ohio. Convicted 1976.

110. Gary Lamar James Ohio. Convicted 1976.

111. Joseph Amrine.

112. Nicholas Yarris Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania v. Yarris, No 690-OF1982, Court of Common Pleas, Delaware County, September 3, 2003. Order vacating conviction). Convicted 1982.

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  • CR
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    9 years ago
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    i agree with brianna baker. To all those physcos out there: you guys are just going to get in trouble for saying you want her to get murdered, burn or die like Caylee. From all of this you are acting like the monsters not her. You will all feel bad for thinking she's guilty. Stop taking the law into your own hands

  • TraceA
    Lv 5
    9 years ago

    I agree with Jai. If you followed the case, you would know that Casey is guilty:

    She either cold-blooded murdered her daughter,

    Tried to cover up the murder,

    Paid someone to do it,

    Failed to call 911 to report her daughter missing, all the while partying the night away.

    Even if she had NO IDEA how her daughter died... think about it! She partied for a month with no call to report her missing? Who does that? What parent deals with a missing child that way? Then put that together with the lies she was convicted of. Do you really want to give her the benefit of the doubt?

  • 4 years ago

    Outrage is an fairly user-friendly notice for how i think. Incompetence and mendacity won. Intelligence, competence and the actuality lost. What a usa we live in. i presumed that we'd by no ability adventure yet another O.J. back yet i'm now confident that this could happen extra generally any further and all of it has to do with funds. that easy. i think strongly that one Juror who replaced into extra useful knowledgeable than the rest inspired the less knowledgeable for "particular motives" funds. shop a beware and persist with the money path and the perpetrator would be uncovered. the information in destiny cases would be much extra extensive than it replaced into in this one and maximum people who will serve on Juries will by no ability have the ability to persist with it. maximum in all probability one Juror would be smarter than the rest and take over and we any further might have a Jury team of 12 human beings while the call would be contained in the hands of in basic terms one or 2 persons in this team. And it appears like in basic terms one individual on that Jury took Notes. might desire to they study and write? lots information replaced into thrown at them and that they committed all of that to memory? Genius or fool - which replaced into it? it particularly is the effects of the broken academic device we've had for countless a protracted time and it shows no progression. frightening for all individuals. enable us to besides the undeniable fact that make useful that we do what we can for Caylee and boycott each and every little thing it particularly is a ability funds cow for Casey or her mendacity mom. whilst the call replaced into introduced I had to take a seat and take some deep breath so i does no longer faint. And faint isn't something I certainly have by no ability accomplished in my existence. might Cindy get her "particular" daughter decrease back into her living house and enjoy her corporation. desire she offered a secure to hold her exams and different valuables. They concept it replaced into difficult living with Casey earlier, they have seen no longer something yet. Stand by utilising for destiny activities in Casey's existence. regrettably the bill back would be on us the Taxpayers.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Relying on news reports is a poor way to determine the effectiveness of an prosecution or defense. The general public were not on the jury, and most have not served on juries, so they lack the knowledge and experience of what it is like to decide guilt from innocence. Perhaps they should volunteer and find out.


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  • ?
    Lv 4
    9 years ago

    That family is hiding something. Why else would they change their stories? Even if she is innocent, i still dont like the retard. If my son was found dead wrapped in an f-ing garbage bag, i would go crazy. And i would notify police asap once i found out my son was missing. Only a lowlife creep would go out and party instead. And i sure as hell wouldnt be laughing and worrying about my appearance in court if i was being accused of murder.

  • sweden
    Lv 4
    9 years ago

    I don't know if she is innocent or not, but she will most likely not repeat the same mistake again (of whatever she did or didn't do). Besides, her being up for the death sentence was ridiculous. It was just a sensationalized witch hunt.

  • TMI
    Lv 6
    9 years ago

    You can list a thousand more names, her's wouldn't be on it. She did it, she got away with it. The jury decided Caylee Marie Anthony wasn't worthy of justice. May the jury rot ,too.

  • Jai Ho
    Lv 4
    9 years ago

    You make a valid point. But I think Casey Anthony will never be in that list. They may not have placed the smoking gun in her hand, but the smell of smoke is all over her, and the red flags are everywhere. You can even see the guilt on her face.

  • 9 years ago

    People who get caught up in making false accusations toward people, especially people whom they do not know, seldom admit they have wrongly accused someone. If it were proven that Casey Anthony did not kill her child, most of the people in this section and in the real world would feel no sense of guilt about raking her name over the coals.

  • Viva
    Lv 4
    9 years ago

    well...then tell me...what kind of mother goes to parties while her baby girl's been missing for a month?! if the mom hadn't called the cops Casey would be perfectly happy letting her daughter rot away in a bag!!!....the presecutors just didn't have enough forensic evidence to convict her of murder but i hope the guilt kills her slowly.....a parent can get more jail time for spanking their child than she did for killing poor caylee!!

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