Just Be Friends - Where can I find it?

so far, all the "just be friends" by megurine luka on the internet are four pages long and clock in around at two minutes: the abridged version. the full piano version that's around 6 mins long is on youtube, so how come there's no sheets for it? I mean, there's no way someone couldve just played that without any music so there's definitely an original full copy floating around somewhere. I really wanna find it and finish playing it!

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    I assume you're talking about sheet music for JBF arranged for the piano. Most talented pianists, like Koman and marasy, are able to play by ear, so it's not likely they took the time to write sheet music when they could just play.

    The only sheet music for the piano version I could find was micandonburi's but it was the short one. If you're interested in sheet music for the original JBF, then I found some.



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