Who would win these matches(EWE)?

Event#1: *World Champion, Austin Aries is in the ring to start off the show.*

Aries says that tonight EWE is running fully on Thomas Rule's command!(fans cheering). Aries says: "And let's hope to God he doesn't put me in another 'Champions match'. We all seen what went down between myself & Desmond. I must say it was one of the most exciting matches of my career, but I whipped the floor with him in the end...much as our Chairman, Thomas Rule has in the past as well. And if I'd be put into another match against any champion in EWE, I'd whip the floor with them as well."(Randy Orton makes his way out as his music hits) Randy, with the I.C. title on his shoulder says this: "Oh, I'm sry to interrupt the World Champ, but I just had to come out here. You said you could beat any champion on this show did you? Well, let's put that to the test tonight." Austin asks Randy, doesn't he still got his hands full with Brett? Orton says he will beat DiBiase, then will be waiting for his shot at the title. Aries says good luck with that......and as Aries goes to leave he's hit with an RKO by the Intercontinental Champion, Randy Orton.

- Aries is laid out after an RKO by Randy Orton as Orton awaits the arrival of Brett DiBiase.

1. Non-title: Randy Orton(c) vs. Brett DiBiase w/Ted & Million Dollar Man ringside

2. Kelly Kelly w/Thomas Rule vs. Tara

Event#2: *EWE Extreme Champion, Mr. єχтӘα ʍ is being interviewed by Gregory Helms.*

Helms asks the champ his thoughts on what Mark Henry's been saying? That he can beat Mr. єχтӘα ʍ for the title anytime, anywhere. Mr. єχтӘα ʍ says if that's how Mark Henry feels, that maybe we shouldn't wait for the Great American Bash it's fine, because he's willing to put his Extreme title on the line whenever Henry feels it's time. Mark Henry then shows up at the interview room, and starts talking trash to Mr. єχтӘα ʍ with security between both champion & challenger. Fans chanting "let them fight", then the champ tells security to move and hops onto Henry. But, the power of the World's Strongest Man proves too much for Mr. єχтӘα ʍ as Mark Henry places the champ into position, and drives him to the floor with a World's Strongest Slam!

3. Non-title tag team match:

The Miz/John Morrison(c) vs. The Highlanders

DURING THE MATCH: Triple H and Shawn Michaels, D-GenerationX appear in the crowd. Taunting Miz & Morrison all during the match.

4. EXTREME RULEZ: The Sandman vs. Buh-Buh Ray Dudley w/Devon

(keep in mind Sandman still holds the 'Feast Or Fired' case for a tag title shot since Oct.'s ppv)

Event#3: Austin Aries is called into the office of Shaun Cold and Thomas Rule. Shaun Cold says they talked it over for a main event match tonight, and since it's Rule's night to make the rules he got the final word. Rule says: "And champ I just gotta great idea in mind for u tonight."(CM Punk steps in) Punk says: "Yeah, champ. Listen to what the man's got to say." Rule states that Austin Aries and CM Punk will go at it again inside a steel cage for the EWE World title!

- The main event of the night is here. CM Punk, the challenger makes his entrance first....alongside a huge man in a mask? The world title holder, Austin Aries is next, walking down the ramp finding no problem at all with the masked man ringside siding with Punk. As Aries has 1 mission only: Win this match, retain his title. While, CM Punk's mission: Dethrone Austin Aries, and win back the EWE World Championship for a 2nd time.

MAIN EVENT: Steel Cage match!

EWE World Heavyweight Championship

Austin Aries(c) vs. CM Punk

Give this edition of EWE a rating, answer the WQ below, nd *STAR* the show.

WQ: *For discussion purposes only!*(meaning no ranting, rude comments)

'CM Punk shows up in TNA(iMPACT! Wrestling), what is 1 feud u would like to see him involved in?'

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  • 9 years ago
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    id rate about a 9

    theres a few id like to see. AJ Styles v Punk or RVD v Punk. Anderson v Punk

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Event 1: Amazing opening 10/10

    Match 1- Randy Orton 9.5/10

    Match 2- Kelly Kelly 8/10

    Event 2- Great 10/10

    Tag Team Match

    Match 3- The Highlanders 8/10

    Match 4- The Sandman 9/10

    Event 3- Amazing Promo 10/10

    Steel Cage match

    Main Event- Austin Aries 10/10

    Brilliant Show 10/10

    WQ: CM Punk Vs Jeff Hardy..

    follow by Punk Vs AJ Styles

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  • 3 years ago

    If each and all the wrestlers have been of their best.. then identity pass with rock, stone chilly, eddie, bret and rick impolite. of course in the event that they wasnt then theyll lose through fact the Rock is the only wrestler out of the 5 which could attempt against. Stone chilly has undesirable knees, Bret Hart continues to be improving from his stroke and Rick impolite & Eddie are lifeless.

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  • 9 years ago

    What's the matter with u!!!! We cant read that much!!!! Make it small ,so that we can give our opinion!!!! Sorry!!!!

    Source(s): !!!!!!
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  • 9 years ago



    miz and morrison


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