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How much jail time is my friend going to get?

He's been charge with:

1. Possession of percocet(trafficking) 55.4 grams

2. Possession of cannabis under 20 grams

3. Possession of drug paraphernalia

Any luck for him? he just had his first son in june :(

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    For the cannabis and paraphernalia. Laws vary by state, though state law is superseded by federal law which classifies cannabis as a Schedule I substance, the same classification as heroin. The United States Supreme Court has ruled in Gonzales v. Raich that the federal government has a right to regulate and criminalize cannabis, even for medical purposes. In 2009 the Attorney General directed federal prosecutors to back away from medical marijuana patients in those states with local laws legalizing medical use.

    For the percocet.It is a third degree crime that carries a $50,000 fine for a person to obtain Percocet by using a forging or fraudulently obtained prescription. It is a third degree crime for a person to possess or distribute between 5 and 100 units of Percocet. This grade of charge involves fines of up to $200,000. It is a second degree crime for a person to possess or distribute more than 100 units of Percocet. A second degree conviction involves jail exposure of up to 10 years and maximum fines of $300,000. So it could be a long jail time if he does not get a good lawyer. I hope this was his first offense. Maybe he will get lucky and the judge will be easy and not want to leave his son fatherless, but even if this does happen he can expect community service, possible drug rehab and huge fines.

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    I dunno. He shouldn't be charged with a damn thing.

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