International Whaling Commission?

1. Which countries were involved or not involved with the agreements of the IWC?

2. What were the results of the original agreements?

3. What are the current standings of IWC agreements?

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    The following table shows all IWC member countries and their current Commissioner. Further details for each country can be seen on the Status of the Convention which is held by the USA State Department in its capacity as depository for the Convention (see Articles X and XI of the Convention).

    Active links in the country column will take you to that member country's webpage dedicated to the conservation and management of whales. Please note the IWC's disclaimer on external links.

    Contracting Government Adherence Commissioner Appointment

    Antigua & Barbuda 21/07/82 Mr. A. Liverpool 02/07/04

    Argentina 18/05/60 Ambassador S. R. Cerutti 21/01/09

    Australia 10/11/48 Ms. D. Petrachenko 09/08/07

    Brazil 04/01/74 Ambassador M. P. Gama 19/11/10

    Bulgaria 10/08/09 Mr. S. Vergiev 24/06/10

    Cambodia 01/06/06 Mr. H.E. N. Thuok 14/09/09

    Cameroon 14/06/05 Dr. B. M. Ousman 04/08/05

    Chile 06/07/79 Ambassador J. L. Balmaceda 03/08/10

    People's Republic of China 24/09/80 Mr. Li Jianhua 06/06/00

    Colombia 22/03/11 Ms. S. B. Lion 06/05/11

    Republic of the Congo 29/05/08 Mr. J.A. Kolelas-Ntoumi 21/07/08

    Costa Rica 24/07/81 Mrs. A. L. G. Fernández 19/06/10

    Côte d'Ivoire 08/07/04 Dr. D. A. Jeanson 16/07/04

    Czech Republic 26/01/05 Mrs. V. Vilimkova 21/04/11

    Denmark 23/05/50 Mr. O. Samsing 01/10/06

    Dominica 18/06/92 Mr. L. Pascal 10/07/01

    Dominican Republic 30/07/09 Mr. J.D.F. Mirabel 30/10/09

    Ecuador 10/05/07 Mr. D. Ortega 22/06/10

    Eritrea 10/10/07 Mr. S. M. Ahmed 02/10/08

    Gabon 08/05/02 Dr. G. A. Rerambyath 13/04/04

    The Gambia 17/05/05 Mr. M. Bah 23/06/10

    Republic of Guinea 21/06/00 Mr. I. S. Touré 29/07/03

    Hungary 01/05/04 Mr. Z. Czirak 11/01/11

    Iceland 10/10/02 Mr. T. Heidar 01/04/09

    Japan 21/04/51 Mr K. Kagawa 03/06/11

    y/a says answer too long to list them all for you

    USA 10/11/48 Ms. M. Medina 17/02/10

    all the other answers are on the iwc website also

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