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周杰倫 東風破 歌詞 翻譯(英文)

如題:我有一個外國朋友 直說這首東風破很好聽~


求高手 能把詞境意境翻譯


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  • 9 years ago
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    東風破英文版一盞離愁孤單佇立在窗口 我在門後假裝你人還沒走 All alone in wait by the window, Stands a sad lamp in parting sorrow. To linger behind an unbelieving gate, Isn’t my longing gaze all but too late? 舊地如重遊月圓更寂寞 夜半清醒的燭火不忍苛責我 Lonelier is the moon full and cold, Bitter still is when an old love retold. A midnight candle struggles to keep awake, Isn’t a sleepless grief all but my mistake? 一壺漂泊浪蹟天涯難入喉 你走之後酒暖回憶思念瘦 To the end of the world I drift, With a pot of wine too heavy to lift. The wine revives a memory thin and thick.. Doesn’t it warm up all but a heart so love-sick? 水向東流時間怎偷 花開就一次成熟我卻錯過 How can I bear to steal the hour As water flows east to catch a flower, Soon blooming, soon withering, and so forgotten. Didn’t my life miss all but a fateful blossom? 誰在用琵琶彈奏一曲東風破 歲月在牆上剝落看見小時候 Who played over a lute amid east breezes, Heart torn apart and tune falling into pieces? A weary wall stands peeling and silent. Doesn’t it remind all but an age innocent? 猶記得那年我們都還很年幼 而如今琴聲幽幽我的等候你沒聽過 Youthful hours are no more and passed. Am I alone holding to by-gones fast? In vain is the music blown to float. Isn’t my wait all but a sobbing note? 誰再用琵琶彈奏一曲東風破 楓葉將故事染色結局我看透 Never could the same lute ever play A tune long gone and blown far away. Maples live for a moment bright and brief. Wouldn’t our story come to all but a grief? 籬笆外的古道我牽著你走過 荒煙漫草的年頭就連分手都很沉默 Beyond hedges an ancient path forgot the time When we walked along with your hand in mine. Parting words speak less than a silent tear. Isn’t memory all but smoky grass far and near?

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