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Why do boxing fans hate MMA so much?

MMA competitors are just as good of athletes as boxers if not better plus they have to learn multiple disciplines like wrestling, boxing, various martial arts,ect while boxers just learn boxing. MMA also puts on fight cards that fans want to see. They don't let the fighters duck and hide Money is ducking Pacquiao

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    Because MMA's pretty boring. It's just two men grapple in the ground all the time and how can you enjoy a fight like that???

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    Because a lot of mma is a brawl. Boxing is skill. Sure some may have talent in mma but do you watch how they hit? They hit with absolutely no skill. Now I could say the same about boxers. A lot of boxers brawl instead of box. That's why I'm starting to drift away from boxing to. I want to see a fight with skill. I want to see a fight where one can throw the perfect uppercut, and not just some random *** swing upwards. Or the hammer punch, that's use of momentum and strength, not strength and skill. which is what should be used in a fight. Another reason that I hate mma so much is because you can beat your opponent to a bloody pulp, and until he drops unconscious on the floor you can keep pounding away. In boxing if you're hurt to bad, the ref can stop it, or your coach can throw in the towel so you can live to fight another day. So all in all I believe it is because MMA is a brawl and uncontrollable. Where as boxing is a fight of skill (or used to be) and is very controlled.

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    I like mma and boxing, i don't see why anyone feels any type of loyalty to a sport, i am just looking for entertainment and watching competitive fights

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    I think it's the other way around, MMA fans keeps coming here TO THE BOXING SECTION to bash boxing, they have their own section right? why don't they go and talk about their sport there?.

    I think they are just jeolous of boxing cuz all the money and big fights is there and it gets most of the heat.

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    I enjoy both and to me it seems to be the other way around, MMA only fans have a tendency to put boxing down every chance they get while boxing only fans seem to not even want to discuss MMA.

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    i love mma over boxing and boxing is still cool

    i thinks its cos they think its like human cock fighting kinda like street fighting

    and they also think it doesnt take skill but trust me it does i used to train mma theres a lot of martial arts u have to cover to become good at it. another reason might be because b4 like in the 70's,80's and a bit of the 90's boxing was really popular but now mma is the most popular combat sport and thats why boxers dont like mma

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    I always answer this one simple.

    Cause the stars are juice heads.

    Juicing is in that sport. Every major star is almost a steroid looking freak.

    I respect MMA. A lot of my friends are MMA pro's. It's all good. We all get along and respect each other.

    But a lot of people lose respect for juiced up beasts fighting in a cage. If you don't think so, you also dont' think WWE use steroids.

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    I'm a huge boxing fan. But I don't hate MMA. It just makes me almost throw up each time watching a face being battered with elbows and knees. Kind of barbaric. Don't you think so, Barbarian?

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    I like both

    but boxing fans see mma as a fight more than a sport

    i think its all opinion

    and they don't like how mma has alot of flash knockouts

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    Not all hate it, but can't see any science in hitting a guy in the face while he's down and out on the canvas. What skill does that take ?

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