Long lasting gaming computers?

What is a great computer i can buy for Gaming and Internet? Id like to buy it new so i know it will last.

As of right now price doesn't matter.

Links to computers would be appreciated. Along with good info.

Thanks Much!

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    8 years ago
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    Right now you have two main options.

    1) go with intel.

    Intel builds are quite good and a lot better than their AMD counter parts


    While most of the Intel builds are much more expensive they are quite a lot better.

    This is one way to "future proof" your machine. But no matter what you do, in 4 years it will be quite slow even if you build with the best processors you can find.

    2) Go with AMD.

    Reason why amd would be good? their motherboards are a lot more simple, while intel has a bunch more sockets LGA 1155, 1156, 1366 and all of these are quite viable options for buying an intel.

    AMD has AM 3 or AM 3+ and if you get an am 3 board you can run an AM 3+ processor on it with a bios update. Likewise with an AM 3+ board you can run an AM3 processor.

    Why is this important?

    Well AMD is releasing their new processor, Bulldozer. And they are just upgrading to the AM 3+ socket, SO if you go with AMD you might be able to get the next gen processor with just a BIOS update instead of having to completely change your motherboard which would be good for "future proofing" also AMD tends to be a lot cheaper but the quality is quite a bit less. BUT AMD processors are still quite good.

    These are your main choices.

    As far as specific computers let me know Stsslight@yahoo.com if you want an Intel or AMD then I can either send you a custom built list or a few prebuilds (prebuilds almost always arent as good in terms of upgrade ability and price/performance)

    TL;DR On the one hand you can future proof your computer by getting an OP computer now, OR spend less money and get a computer with more upgrade ability.

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    In actuality a good gaming computer will only last as long as the next generation of games! that is to say most games "push the envelope" with equipment. You could play COD WAW on a good dual core, 3 GB of ram and a mid range video card 512MB ram. Now Black Ops needs at least a triple core, 4GB of ram or better and a higher end video card 1GB ram or better! Most "gamers" build there own machines since you can build them for much less that the high end ones you can buy. But you can got to ibuypower.com or cyberpower.com for some ideas..if you decide to build your own, go to newegg.com for the parts or a bear bones system.

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    Gaming computers last as long as the motherboard isn't obsolete.

    Build a computer with a top of the line motherboard, even if your parts aren't as good. Your motherboard will then be able to accept parts for a long time (processors excluded) unless there's a major advance in a certain technology, which will still not make your mobo completely obsolete.

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    4 years ago

    In terms of turn-based strategy - X-Com: Terror From the Deep. (Just recently added to the Steam lineup for $5!!) RTS - Warcraft II comes to mind. RPG - Lots of single-player RPG's out there that don't require much to run them, with few exceptions. Checkout Planescape: Torment, FF VII if you've never played it, Diablo II (don't bother too much with the first one). Dungeon Siege isn't horrible, either. FPS - The original Unreal Tournament is a classic. You can probably score Quake 3: Team Arena, too. These two games require about the same spec's as HL 1. And if you've never played CS (Counter Strike). You won't be able to play CS:S most likely, but you can play CS if you can play HL 1. Also, if you have a slow inet connection or don't like getting pwned on CS, try CS: Condition Zero. It's a single player version of CS.

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    Computer are updating in every ways. In processing speed, in space in overall performance or in game supporting criteria. Your quest to buy a computer that will last for gaming or any other purpose is vague. Understand the way the world is growing. You'll never find any computer that remains at the top technological priority for 3 years. Just buy the lastest techno computer. That will do. For this you can have sooooo many links that u can search yourself or view in ads.

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    8 years ago

    gaming computers bought from the store cost as much as three times one that you can build, ask around and see if someone builds computers.

    Tell them you want an am3+ true motherboard, quad core 925 or 945 95w

    Tell them you want an antec or corsair power supply 620 or higher watts

    nvidia evga 560gtx

    4 gb or 8gb or ddr 3

    500gb drive 7200

    dvd drive

    card reader

    case with lights. your favorite color for the lights blue green or red you will be able to play any games for a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time

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    8 years ago
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