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How to straighten/whiten teeth at home?

I have huge gaps and my teeth are sorta yellow? How do I straighten my teeth at home and whiten them? And the dentist is not an option. I don't have healthcare

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  • Sabby
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    You can't really straighten them yourself, but if your wisdom teeth haven't come in yet, they may shift your other teeth and the gaps could close a little. To whiten them I suggest Crest Whitening Strips or a whitening toothpaste. I recently started using Arm and Hammer enamel strengthening toothpaste because the strips were making my teeth sensitive and it worked for me.

  • kinch
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    3 years ago

    Teeth Whitening And Straightening

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    Now about straighten in home I really can't help !! but about whitening I always go for the aloe toothpaste !! and like brush my teeth every day for like 5 or 6 times and maybe more when am bored !! and does really whiten my teeth !! and if your a smoker I guess thats the reason for the yellow teeth and the space between them cuz My dad is like that ):

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    Crush up a strawberry with a fork and add baking soda. Then mix in lemon juice and peroxide. scrub your teeth for about five minutes and keep putting more of the mixture onto you toothbrush. (dont use your normal toothbruse because it is really hard to get the seeds out) Your teeth will be alot whiter after doing this once. When your done brush your teeth with toothpaste and rince with water. Your gums may hurt for a couple of minutes after you do this but it is well worth it.I heard this works! Or you could just pour some peroxide on baking soda until its paste like brush and it works pretty good ive done it before GAP-My mom had i gap in high school she would push her teeth together alot and now she has really pretty straight teeth everyone always asks her if she had braces

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Stay away from the professional teeth whitening procedures and from the whitening at home kits. They are using extremely toxic chemicals that can cause IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE TO TOOTH ENAMEL and premature tooth decay.

    Check out this site: - It's about how you can whiten your teeth 100% naturally. Same results but 100% safe and 1000 times cheaper.

  • Jane
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    4 years ago

    Get some peanut butter (1/4 cup and fish oil 1/4 cups). Rub it onto your teeth for 5 hours while messaging it all around. Teeth will get whiter after 1 week!

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