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Texans: Do you think any Democrats have a shot in scoring Kay Bailey Hutchison's Senate seat next year?

Senator Hutchison's retiring, and it's probably likely Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst will win the election, even though Houston Republican State Senator Dan Patrick's looking into running also.

Lt. General Ricardo Sanchez is the top Democrat contender in the race, but he's not very inspiring to a lot of voters, and also he was the commanding officer during the Abu Ghraib incident. And... hard as it is to say, some Anglos won't vote for him on account of his race, I think.

Who do you think would be a strong Democrat contender? It'd be hard for anyone but I think Wendy Davis would be really competitive.

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    Find a qualified DEM and Texas might consider voting for one.

    Look at how the present DEM administration has destroyed the quality of life along the borders and up to Houston and beyond. They don't deserve not one vote. Not one.

    Mexicans are still angry at Americans for stealing their land, so they send their losers north to re-inhabit their lost territories. Washington retaliates by sending them our jobs. Now Obama wants to, literally, give away the farm. His immigration policies reflect just that.

    Most Mexican immigrants are failures in their home countries, because they are lazy and look for the easy way. Their homelands are filled with factory jobs that had once been held by Americans on US soil. They enter the US illegally, because entering the US legally requires some effort and they want the easy way. They don't value education and, consequently, neither do their children. Many look to crime instead of work that requires education and training. After all. they're looking for the easy way.

    Now Obama wants to pave the easy way for these people by giving them a free ride. More of the easy way.

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    It'll be a Republican I'm pretty sure. Unfortunately. Dan Patrick? Lol. En fuego.

    I don't think General Sanchez will get the seat, for a number of reasons.

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    We already spend extra in keeping with scholar than any constructed nation in the world...our schooling disorders don't seem to be going to be solved via throwing extra well cash after unhealthy....that she thinks so suggests she is simply one more in an extended line of tax and spend dem's. Very dubious that Texans might pick her to symbolize them within the U.S. Congress

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    10 years ago

    Yes, there is a former General, who is of Hispanic Origin.

    Lt. General Ricardo Sanchez is going to win.

    And yes, he is a Democrat.

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  • 10 years ago

    The democrats have no chance. I'm hoping that we can get 50% or more the Hispanic and Asian vote for the GOP.

  • 10 years ago

    I'm not sure about that but i can tell you that Virginia, Ohio, Florida, Montana, New Hampshire, and North Carolina are all gaining red seats.

  • Yep
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    10 years ago

    Considering what Dimocrats have stolen from and done to us in Washington, no way.

  • beth l
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    10 years ago

    Sadly, I don't think any one but a republican has a shot.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    No idea

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