how to wire subs to iva d310?

i have been trying to connect my kenwood sub to my iva d310 alpine radio. so far everything is installled and im getting power to the amp and have the rca's connected to where is says sub in the Pre in/out but im not getting any sound and kind of help on getting this connected would be excellent

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    10 years ago
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    The subs have to be wired to amp and the RCA of the head unit go to the amp. The sound is then pushed by the amp. Power and ground wires have to be sufficient in size to handle the load. The power is to be fused with the proper load rating to prevent circuit overload to cause a fire. The remote wire has to be tied to +12V source with switch or spliced with remote wire of the head unit.

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    There is an "audio" setting in the IVA-D310 menus for the subwoofer output. It can be set to "OFF","0", or "180" (phase). The setting procedure is on page 44 of the manual. If you do not have the manual, you can download it here:

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