How long do I have to rebuild a website before I lose page rank?

Our company is rebuilding their website from the ground up. They're going to use a new CMS and everything. If they put up a sort of "splash page" that the site is undergoing maintenance, how long do they have to put up the new site/content before they lose their current page ranks? Does it matter what time of day this occurs? They currently have high page ranking but their site is outdated and they want a full redesign along with adding a lot of new information.


Thanks Jeremy! Those links were helpful.

If they're switching hosting providers as well, how would they create the .htaccess file to redirect the pages? It's a bit confusing. Would they go through their old hosting service to do that?

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    9 years ago
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    It will would be very difficult to reduce the page rank by simply putting up a temporary under construction page. The incoming links are what would keep the page rank high so those would typically keep your page rank in tact.

    However, you want to be careful to take care of redirecting old page URLs to the new page URLs. A new content management system likely means you are going to be updating the urls to something new and more user friendly. Have your design team take care of using the .htaccess files on your servers to redirect your old pages to the new URLs. See the source below.

    As long as you have good link structure on your new website, the search engines will not have a problem parsing the new site and creating the new search engine visibility based on what it finds. You should not expect to loose any page rank, especially if you take care of the redirecting procedures.

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