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Will I Get Into Pepperdine?

I'm a Christian & God is MY LIFE, so I really want to go to a Christian University. I've gone to Church of Christ all my life & am obsessed with California, so Pepperdine is my DREAM SCHOOL! I have a 3.7 GPA & got an 1890 on SAT. For extra-circulars, I run Cross Country & Track, and am super involved in Debate. What's my chance of getting in?

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  • br549
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    9 years ago
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    Not if you don't apply!

    Pepperdine/Malibu is probably the most beautiful property on the west coast! However, Pepperdine barely resembles a Christian University any more.

    You should look harder at Oklahoma Christian, Freed Hardeman and others if you really want to stay close to biblical teaching.

    Just my opinion.

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  • 3 years ago

    What human beings favor to be sure about Pepperdine is that that is a Christian college. I ignore even if or not they have mandatory chapel attendance, although. if you're actually not Christian (now to not say that all and dissimilar there is), you may favor to think again even if it is your dream college or no longer. examine their admission files to be sure once you've a sturdy danger. if you're Christian and do not get into Pepperdine, examine out factor Loma Nazrene college. it is appropriate on the sea coast like Pepperdine yet i recognize for a shown actuality that they have got mandatory chapel attendance. i recognize of yet another college, Palm sea coast Atlantic college it truly is also on the sea coast in Florida. yet, again, the faculty is a Christian college and that i believe they could have mandatory chapel attendance besides.

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