A Steam problem.....?

I just downloaded Steam. Now when I click on it, my PC says Steam Main Exception you must connect to the internet. Well, Im sure I have internet and I don't have a firewall on my router. I switched off Windows Firewall and my antivirus's firewall. I even deleted the blob file and tried updating again but nothing works. I tried reinstalling and redownloading but its still the same! I also ran it as admin but i got the same message. Im getting tired of this problem...=.=Please help..10 points!!!


It has been like this for two weeks now

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  • 9 years ago
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    they are probly off-line, maintenance etc

    EDIT; never turn off f/walls, most programs d/loads these days will ask permission from your f/wall, then u will get asked permission by your f/wall to let a programme thru....ok 2wks ay,, delete all steam files from control panel- uninstall, then click start- type regedit -enter, allow permission -if asked, when your registry opens..press CTRL&F at same time then type steam, when it finds steam it will be hi-lighted, right click then delete...restart pc turn off antivirus f/wall..not windows.. then re-download steam.. let it thru firewall if asked..try that... works forr me when i have a crash with punkbuster and client downloaders

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  • givan
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    4 years ago

    same here guy, as quickly as I try connect a gaming server, i'm getting "steam id invalid" after 5 min of enjoying. it fairly is ticking me off, plus al the different adult men have been on too. i've got been finding constantly, i attempted deleting a number of my stuff in steam apps, wont artwork. so hurry up and locate an answer

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