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After installing Windows 7 service pack 1 from windows updates my laptop has tremendously slowed down..pls hel?

Windows 7 service pack 1 foe x64 based system update took about 35 minutes to install and immediately after downloading it my laptop has slowd down. For ex. it takes much longer now for my laptop to start.

also a game that i had installed Fifa 11 previously started almost immediately but now it takes too much time. Is there anyway to revert my laptop back to previous settings or any other way to speed it up?

my laptop config is 500gb hd

4 gb ram

amd processsor

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    SP1 is a very big update. Temporary files must have been left after the installation. Clean your computer and then defrag:

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    You may have installed the Service Pack 1 for Windows 7, this release is known to have plenty of bugs and errors after downloading. Myself, have downloaded it and all input and output eg Printer, Camera and Sound all completly stopped working.

    How to solve this problem:

    There are two ways, on Windows 7 to solve this, go to the start menu >> and type in "System Restore" and click the program and choose a date to restore it (before the update)

    If you believe it is just one update that is casuing the problem, go to Control Panel >> Programes and Features >> and on the left navigation panel choose "View Installed Updates". From there, you can choose the update and uninstall it just like a program

    Good Luck.

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    It is better to have a fresh install, rather than installing it from windows updates. Backup your important data, then reformat whole system. Coz your system config is quite good, windows 7 should boot really fast. I have the same config. and I don't face any such problems.

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    do a system restore to a date before the installation of the service pack1

    do you know how to do it ?

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  • 8 years ago

    run windows updates to no more updates available

  • 8 years ago

    I too had the same problem with my dell desktop.

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