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Rate my 2011 Fantasy Football Team?

I know its a little early but please rate my team.

Ben Roethlisberger QB

Frank Gore Rb

Jonathon Stewart RB

Marques Colston RB/WR

Roddy White WR

Desean Jackson WR

TE Kellen Winslow

Patriots d/st

billy cundiff k

bench:austin collie

bench:marshawn lynch

bench:daniel thomas

bench:tim tebow

bench:malcolm floyd

bench:mike goodson (handcuff)

bench:jacoby ford

btw it is an espn standard scoring league h2h 10 team


I picked 10th in 1st round that's why I don't have the best rb's.

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  • Matt M
    Lv 5
    8 years ago
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    I like your team but I think you loaded up too heavily on your wide receiving corps at the expense of your running backs. I would always prefer the opposite as opposed to this situation. Running backs score more points, at a more consistent level that wideouts. You almost always want to start a RB in your flex spot, not a WR. You are an injury or two away from being in a real tough spot with your RB's. I would also go get a more dependable backup QB than Tebow. He's fine to stash on your bench until he's actually the named starter, but you need somebody in case big ben gets hurt. With the way he plays, he does tend to get hurt.

    Also think about this: If the lockout drags on to the point where mini camps and preseason are missed out on, but they do somehow manage to play a full season, what is football going to look like? Offenses are going to be dialed way back, especially in the beginning of the season. Players are going to be rusty and offenses (especially PASSING offenses) are not going to be hitting on all cylinders. Coaches and OC's are going to be playing it safe and pounding the rock with their running backs. Just a personal theory of mine, but one to think about.

    Good luck this year!

  • 8 years ago

    This is the first one I've seen that doesn't look bad. The one thing I'm puzzled about is who you took at #11 overall (assuming a snake draft). That's too soon for any of your roster other than Gore, who I assume you took at 10.

    The other problem is that in this small a league, if someone is a little dodgy at RB, you'd expect them to do better at QB than Big Ben as starter. So there may have been some reaching in the early rounds that hurt you.

    Where you're especially strong, though, is depth, and that's because you didn't junk up your roster with b/u TE's, D/ST or even kicker. Every one of your bench players is under-rated right now and has the potential to be startable at any point, esp. Jacoby Ford and Lynch. Lynch is only 25 and it appears he'll be their feature tailback, so he should be ranked a lot higher.

  • 9 years ago

    Looks good I like it, I'm guessing you did your research. You have some high upside players in Collie, Ford, Thomas, Tebow and Floyd. Not a bad cautious decision in handcuffing since Gore is known to be somewhat injury prone. I would say if anything you should work on your tight end or running backs. If I were you I would try to package some players up for another star player, then keep working the wire in the season and once you reload repeat the same for another star :) just hope you have some league members who are active and like to trade.

  • 8 years ago

    DO NOT drop mike goodson, his numbers were disgusting last year when he got work, so he is a very viable handcuff to JSTEW and if they split time maybe you'll get two viable RBs since Cam Newton will be handing the ball off.

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  • 4 years ago

    david QB Drew Brees, NO QB RB Adrian Peterson, Min RB RB Michael Turner, Atl RB RB/WR Ahmad Bradshaw, NYG RB WR Dez Bryant, Dal WR WR Mario Manningham, NYG WR TE Owen Daniels, Hou TE D/ST Jets D/ST D/ST K Josh Brown, StL K Bench Kenny Britt, Ten WR Bench Beanie Wells, Ari RB Bench Pierre Garcon, Ind WR Bench Sam Bradford, StL QB Bench Jacoby Ford, Oak WR P Bench Lee Evans, Bal WR Q Bench Reggie Bush, Mia RB

  • 9 years ago

    Pretty good team, could upgrade a little bit at backup QB and Mike Goodson. Other than that, good term!

  • Nick
    Lv 5
    8 years ago

    very solid son, you can tell you focused hevely on wideouts early on as you got some nice studs....love the daniel thomas pick, i think he is going to be solid in the next level.....think you can tell your league to pay up now, cuz its over...you win...all the best and goodluck

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