my son is almost 3yrs old and still drinks from his

he loves his baba..and to add to the problem i hv a 3 month baby,and seeing his little sister drink from a bottle makes him want more bottles a day now mayb 3-4 sometimes...

now i have tried weaning him off so many times in the past,but failed,the thing is he does take it from the cup but doest like how it tastes coz of the rice cereal i add in it ...he doest drink it without the cereal ,in his bottle for some reason he drinks all of it but in his cup he hardly takes in anyth ...

should i just stop mixing cereal in his milk ?or still mix it and try the cup till one day he takes it ..but cereal in a cup of milk even sounds nasty to me :S...idk what to do ,what have u moms out there done?..plz help,i even tried the big boy act saying hes a big superhero(coz he loves superheros)he'll get so much more stronger blah blah ..didt work !!..i checked with the doctor and he said theres no harm in still drinking from the bottle its harm when he just keeps the bottle in his mouth that will cause tooth son finishes his bottle in 5 mins,knowing this the doc said its alrite for him to have his bottle but sooner or later i will have to make the change or eventually he will put it away himself,will this take forever??

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    What do you add the rice cereal too... milk, formula? because a 3 year old toddler doesn't require cereal ( although it doesn't hurt either) If he doesn't like it try regular milk or if you want a nutrition boost try an older toddler formula I did this for my son and it worked well... mind you he transitioned from bottle to cup at around 18months.... it took a few days of poor eating and sleepless nights but he got over it. A three year old will be much more difficult but the only way you can possibly break the habit is by just ending the problem. get rid of all the boy or androgynous colored bottles and tell him that "bottles are for baby girls not big boys" and make sure to get him tons of really cool character cups that he gets to pick out himself.

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    Once 3 hits you should definitely be off the bottle. Let him know that the bottle is for his little baby now. Throughout the day give him a sippy cup, and for a little while let him have the bottle in the evening(or only the morning if that fits the cereal thing better). Eventually just take the bottle away all together. Make a big deal about the Big Boy sippy cup that's ALL HIS! Or when drinking out of a real glass that he is just like Mommy! He can't drink from what's not in his hand.

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    At three years old your child should not be taking a bottle. (my three year olds don't even use a sippy cup; they drink from a regular cup). A three year old does not need to have cereal in his milk.

    Slowly wean the cereal out, less and less cereal until you are giving none. (Your child should be drinking whole milk at this point). My kids used a bottle until they were about 14 months old. They would have given it up sooner but I was a bit reluctant to let them grow up. I finally took the bottles and threw them out and gave them sippy cups only. We never had a problem, never once did they cry for their bottles, but then again we had been working on the sippy cup thing since they were about 6 months old. When they turned 6 months old I gave them their bottles with milk in it, but when they had their juice it was in a sippy cup. They could drink out of the cup before they were ready to stop the bottle, so when I did take the bottle away they did fine without any crying or upset.

    Since you child is already three you are going to have to address this differently. I would suggest looking at it just like potty training. Pick a prize he will get when he goes a whole week without the bottle. A new toy, or a trip to the park, or something like that are great prizes. Also, remember that when your baby hits 6 months she can start working on using a sippy cup.

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    Your doctor is very relaxed. My daughter's doctor would have a fit if a kid was on the bottle past 15 months....

    But I don't get why a 3 year old is still drinking milk with cereal in it. In a bottle or otherwise... Cereal is so nasty. I can't believe a 3 year old could like the taste!

    I think he can either drink milk from cup with no cereal or have nothing... his choice? I mean he's old enough to NOT have to have milk and get his nutrition from other sources.

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  • 8 years ago

    The thing is, our kids are biologically programmed to continue nursing through toddlerhood and into preschool years. They're designed that way because their bodies continue to need breast milk to help their developing immune systems (and for comfort since their emotional reasoning is still developing). That desire to suck and nurse is inborn, which means that, yes, they're going to keep wanting to nurse their milk from something.

    Honestly, don't worry too much about it. Realize that a large portion of 2 and 3 year olds use their sippy cups the same way he's using his bottle, so your son isn't unique or weird or behind or anything like that. Lots of his peers are doing the same, just with a slight variation. Barring any attachment issues, he will wean himself from it soon. If he happens to still be wanting a bottle once his permanent teeth grow in (which is unlikely but possible), he'll be old enough to understand that he needs to stop in order to keep his teeth healthy.

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    Give him something more pleasant in the sippy than the bottle, like strawberry or chocolate flavored milk- make the sippy something he wants more than the bottle. Obviously he treats the bottle as more of a comfortable habit than a need, so encourage him with something tasty.

  • 3 years ago

    If he's taking the bottle to mattress with him, that needs to end in the present day. this is wretched for his enamel. If it rather is the subject, he needs yet another ingredient which will soothe him as his cup does--a blanket or crammed toy is a stable decision. If he alternatives it out himself on the shop, he could be extra apt to apply it, yet make confident he's common with from the get-pass that the recent stuffie or blanket ability not extra bottle. make confident he's common with that once you purchase that ingredient, the bottle is going away for stable. If he's ingesting the bottle in the past going to mattress, you are able to desire to change a evening-time drink with a speedy sip of water from a sippie cup. He does not require those extra energy in the past mattress, and is only utilising the bottle to assuage himself and funky down for sleep. attempt beginning a sparkling mattress time recurring that doesn't contain bottle time--a bathtub and analyzing a e book is a stable decision. make confident, returned, that he's common with that analyzing a e book at evening is changing ingesting the bottle. enable him p.c.. out a pair of books on the shop which you will study to him. stable success. in case you will desire to, take it away and say it is it. he will combat it, yet once you're consistent, it rather is going to be very nicely. in case you recognize everyone that has had a newborn recently, you are able to desire to perchance communicate your son into "giving" the recent toddler the bottles because of the fact he's a great boy and does not want them anymore. Or, you are able to pass away them out on a table for the "bottle fairy", and the bottle fairy can pass away him something specific in return (a crammed toy or blanket). Or, only see what he thinks approximately being a great boy and throwing them away. in case you get him excited approximately being a great boy, and he's conscious that great boys do not use bottles, it would desire to help him enable pass.

  • 8 years ago

    try switching him to a sippy cup,

    get the sippy cup with like with cars or something e likes,

    so that he can find it more appealing.

    good luck (:

  • 8 years ago

    he will not let him self go thirsty if all you offer him is a cup thats what he will drink out of. give him plain water or very weak squash or milk. better to learn before he goes to school

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    so? get off his nuts

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