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What is the movie a Show of Force with Actor Andy Garcia?


Maravilla incident

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    A Show of Force is a 1990 thriller, directed by Bruno Barreto. The film is based on events and theories surrounding the Maravilla Hill case in Puerto Rico adapted from Anne Nelson's book, "Murder Under Two Flags."

    In 1978, Kate Melendez (Amy Irving) is a television news reporter who investigates the mysterious deaths of two radical Puerto Rican activists. The government claims they were terrorists while others claim the two were merely student activists. Despite threats to her own life, Melendez investigates the deaths, gradually leading her to conclude that undercover American agents were responsible for framing the activists as terrorists, and then murdering them.


    Amy Irving as Kate Melendez

    Andy García as Luis Angel Mora

    Lou Diamond Phillips as Jesus Fuentes

    Robert Duvall as Howard

    Kevin Spacey as Frank Curtin

    Erik Estrada as Machado

    Jorge Castillo as Nestor Chavez

    Source(s): Wiki..Show of Force
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