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I am 20 years old, and want to get into law enforcement, but first get into the U.S Army?

I am not physically fit at least in running, I want to join the U.S Army as an MP, that way when I get out I have an upper hand as a civilian law enforcer. I know that the Army and Civilian p.d handle things differently, but I see this as my only option, as I hear most departments are asking for 30 collage units now, I don't want to go to school, so I would rather do something I some what like doing (Military Police) then be stuck in a class. My brother is in the Navy, so I have some what of an idea how things run. Please save the b.s recruiter talk, I want straight facts, my question is "How hard is Army Basic Training and Advance Training for Military Police? I could do about 40 - 45 push ups right now, Sit ups I can do 30 - 35 as for my 2mile run, well that's where I believe I'm not fit! I'm running at around 28:00 to 37:00 minutes. I know its horrible, and I'm working on it, if you have any tips on how to better myself and get in better shape please help and answer my question I asked. Please and thanks to those who answered respectfully.


thanks for the fast response, Yes I do know that I will be going to school as Military Police but I believe it will be a more interesting then attending college, on top of that I don't have money to pay for college, and I already tried financial aid, obviously I had no luck with that! So! I don't mind attending school as part of the Military, and I am aware of other branches that have MP's but I'm interested with the Army. I am aware that by the time Basic Training is over I'll be physically fit, more then i'll ever imagine! but what worries me, is how I am at this point! I don't want to be discharged because I wasn't able to complete some part of the physical, my dream of getting into Law Enforcement is far beyond anyone else's dream, I do not want to get discharged, then I'll be left with out a career in life. I have not yet talked to a recruiter, so I have not yet been "brainwashed" as they say. I want to join the Army to get an upper hand as a civilian law enforcer, and to better m

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    I gotta tell you that your best option is to get that military experience then get into federal law enforcement or your just selling yourself short. 4 years in the military then get into the Bureau of Prisons, US Marshall service or ICE. is a very good career path. Starting salary is around 36 k a year vs. avg 24 k in local or state law enforcement.

    Now as to your question in getting in shape. you just got to be bull headed, and get too it. start running every day. dont eat the twinkies (lol) Keep yourself hydrated (do not drink energy drinks or sodas) drink water!. Get plenty of sleep at least 8 hours a night.

    actually even a better option for you. Join the army, and tell them you want to work with computers and get your security clearance.. this will open so many doors for you that you wont know what to do with yourself. A friend of mine did that and is now making near 100,000 a year.. 4 years of specialized military experience + security clearance + 3 years working for a civilian contractor working for the department of defense. and you've got it made

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    I'll keep it short and simple for you. If you can't do those exercises now, you certainly WILL be able to by the time you finish basic training!

    What's more is, if you are trying to avoid going to school then the military isn't going to work for you either! Hasn't it occurred to you that they will send you to one of their schools to teach you about their laws and regulations, known as the UCMJ, or Uniform Code of Military Justice.

    Also, the army isn't the only branch that has MPs! In the Air Force they are known as SPs.

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    Forget all that, just eat a lot of doughnuts and get fat, make sure you have bad body odour and bad breath and you will be a perfect candidate for law enforcement.

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