Belkin AC Anywhere - 300W DC/AC Power Inverter?

Ok so if I buy a Belkin AC Anywhere - 300W DC/AC Power Inverter... or another product like it, can I use it to plug my GHD's in? Because I was thinking of buying some in car straighteners, but then I came across this and thought well I might be able to just plug my GHD's in and then I can also do things like charge my phone up as well??? Thankyou :)

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  • 9 years ago
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    If your "GHD" uses less than 300W, sure you can use that inverter.

    You can use it for your phone, but it is more energy efficient to get a car charger to more directly charge the phone.

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  • 9 years ago

    Sure, as long as the total power doesn't exceed 300 watts (or whatever the rating of the power inverter you choose), in which case you'd (hopefully for safety) blow its fuse.

    I'd be more concerned that the "GHD's" would blow the fuse than the charger; a hair straightener or hair dryer would draw more current than a phone charger.

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  • stram
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    4 years ago

    specific, in different words you are able to watch your mains television from a motor vehicle battery. yet pay attention, the better the inverter ability score the bigger the battery you will need otherwise it is going to pass flat particularly immediately. you will need an inverter rated nicely above the flexibility score of the making use of you should run. eg a television or micro wave oven could be rated at say 150watts yet whilst switching them on they are going to draw lots extra ability for a 2d or 2 so a one hundred fifty watt inverter does not paintings. make certain you get an inverter which will manage the making use of's height ability standards. extra desirable nonetheless, enable the inverter provider provider know precisely what you should use it for and have them make specific that it will do the activity.

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