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Frasp asked in Society & CultureLanguages · 9 years ago

English: What do these mean?

Does ‘’to square off’’ mean the same as ‘’to square up to somebody’’? = ‘’ The mayoral race is

heating up. With incumbent Adam squaring off against challenger Lois.’’

edge = ‘’We got to give Lois a last-minute edge.’’

to sit right with someone = ‘’This guy don't sit right with me, Lois. He don't sit right with me.’’

wang = ‘’Oh! Something popped me. - It's okay, it's ok. It's just my wang.’’

Thanks in advance ;D

1 Answer

  • 9 years ago
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    "square off" in this context means to be against someone in a competition.

    "edge" in this centext means to be better than the other person.

    "to sit right with someone" in this centext means to accept the other person. The person talking to Lois is saying that the person they're talking about doesn't seem like a good guy.

    "wang" as in a penis.

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