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Anonymous asked in TravelUnited StatesOther - United States · 10 years ago

Moving to Charlotte North Carolina?


I am an Asian Indian dude planning to move to Charlotte,NC.

I have lived in NJ/NY since i came here and have lots and lots of friends & family there is always something going on and there is always something to do.

But i want to move out now and exploring my options.

I am young professional 26 single. my questions are

1) is there a lot of young professionals living there ?

2) is Charlotte is live i mean will there be something to do every day or i will get bored ?

3) My to be office will be in Charlotte, NC 28262 area what would be best area to live in ?

4) how to i find student friends or young professionals like me over there ?

5) I like to live in urban areas and live areas by looking at my work zip can you guys suggest me something ?

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    Charlotte is awesome. It seems like everyone here is from NY or NJ. Myself included, I'm from Albany. Charlotte is young, hip, and an up and coming city. You will love it here. There is so many fun things to do. From the US National Whitewater Center to great malls to an amazing center city.

    1) Yes, there are a lot of young professionals here. A lot of them work at Duke Energy, Wachovia/Wells Fargo, for the University of North Carolina, or for Bank of America. Bank of America is headquartered in Charlotte.

    2) Like I said before, there are so many things to do in Charlotte. Basketball fan? There's the NBA-Charlotte Bobcats. Football fan? There's the NFL-Carolina Panthers. And so on and so on. Charlotte has an amazing center city that is safe and clean, and filled with things to do.

    3) Your office will be in University City, which is home to the University of North Carolina-Charlotte or UNCC. University City is noted for its park-like setting. University City is a city located in Charlotte. It has a Charlotte address.

    Charlotte Area Transit System, or CATS is currently expanding its Lynx Blue Line Rapid Transit to reach University City.

    However, I like Huntersville, and Myers Park just as much. Look out for condos in Center City, too.

    5) I think that you should look for condos and lofts in Center City. Check out a complex known as Met or Metropolitan. It is located in Midtown Charlotte, and has condos, Best Buy, Marshalls, Staples, a Target, a Trader Joes, and a few smaller stores all in one location.

    Welcome to Charlotte!

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    5 years ago

    You should have no problems in Charlotte. The city has been pouring money into the "uptown" area and is cultivating exactly the type of "artsy" scene you're looking for. Apartments run the gamete from $ to $$$$$. It just depends on what you're looking for. The biggest drawback is crime. You really have to know where you're at, especially late at night, and respect the fact that there are areas to be avoided. Also, you'll meet the invasion of illegal Mexicans head-on in Charlotte. The city is exploding with them. I'm originally from Toledo. I know the Cleveland area somewhat. The feel of Charlotte is really different. You don't have the ethnic neighborhoods, ethnic restaurants and neighborhood joints where you can grab a beer and something to eat. The population in Charlotte is much more transient. Charlotte is the home to a half dozen colleges and universities. The city is growing very fast and has little resemblance to what it was just 10 or 15 years ago. The summers are hot. Spring and Fall last forever. Winter consists of late December through the end of February. We don't get much snow most winters...just a couple inches. Although a couple years ago we had a big snow storm that dumped 14 inches on us. The biggest threat in the Winter is freezing rain. From Charlotte you can be relaxing on the beach on the Atlantic Ocean with just a 4 hour drive to the east or hitting the slopes at ski resorts by driving a few hours west, up into the mountains.

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