how do you answer a question that says.....?

"personal background"???? what do they want to know? they dont go into detail about what it is they want to know. this is for college. any help will be appreciated. thanks

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    A summary statement of your resume, with a bit about your family background. For example:

    I am an 18 year old graduate, Class of 2012, of ___ High School, in My Town, My State, USA. My parents, John and Jane Doe, are 3rd-generation Asian immigrants who have taught me the value of learning and hard work.

    My father is the Eastern Regional Marketing Manager for Some Company, and his job has enabled our family to live in and experience the cultures of several Asian and European countries. My mother was the first woman to attend your School of Engineering in 1980. and tutors engineering students.

    I am especially interested in Engineering and Chemistry and my senior year science project "Some Fabulous Title," was awarded first place in the My County's Regional Young Scientists competition.

    For the past two summers, I have worked at My Town's pineapple cannery; this summer, I have been appointed team leader and trainer. In my free time, I enjoy playing doubles tennis with my two brothers, John Jr, 21, and Bob, 16, at the B-League Tennis Association. For the past three years, I have worked with children with birth defects as a volunteer at the My Town Children's Hospital.

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