I am planning on going to Herzing Business College for a (diploma LPN) 1 yr program..See Below>>?

I live in Wisconsin. I am not interested at all in obtaining a RN. However.. I read that some Herzing graduates have filed a law suit because they expected the school to become accredited prior to them graduating. Some claimed..that certain hospitals would not hire them.. because of the school they attended. But.. they were able to take and pass their licensing boards. Obviously .. this school is and has been in business and to sit for their license makes them a nurse no?

Is it okay or allowed that a Hospital discriminate against the school when the nurse has a license and passed their boards? I don't get it? County Colleges as well as Business College Schools like Herzing.. set their own regulations. A diploma in practical nursing.. is only one year. It is not an associates. If a student wanted a degree.. a two or 4 year.. I can see the strict pre requisits.. Yes. But.. for a vocational nursing diploma.. it should not be equal to a degree and the boards know this... Or else they would not allow the LPN's from Herzing to sit for the exam.

I would not personally want to work for a hospital once I am liscensed that does not like the school I went to.

Many in my state attend Herzing because there is a 2 year wait list for the County College here. Besides that.. they treat the diploma vocational nursing program as if your going for your associate. It would take 4 years with pre reqs to get a one year diploma for practical nursing.

I have researched this.

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    My name is Jeff Westra and I am the Director of Career Development at the Herzing University Madison Wisconsin campus. Herzing University has been accredited through NLNAC (National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission) since the Fall of 2008. The University is also accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association (www.ncahlc.org or call 800.621.7440). To work in the state of Wisconsin the State Board of Nursing requires that you come from an accredited program (as you can see above Herzing University does meet this requirement) and pass your state boards to obtain licensure.

    Our graduates have obtained employment with St. Mary's, Meriter, Mercy, the VA, Stoughton, and Divine Savior to name several of the facilities in the area. Thanks for checking us out.

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