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排灣族以此出名,這種石板屋大多成矩形,進深不很深。貴族的房子就寬多了,大概有 十公尺 多,屋簷的高度有 一公尺 半,差不多到胸部,所以大家進門都要彎腰才行。木雕



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    Paiwan millet, upland rice, the staple food of taro and sweet potatoes to beans, pumpkin, vegetables as staple food. Cuisine to cook, steaming, drying method based. Taro stem is important Paiwan traditional food.


    By the impact of social class, the nobility in the clothing color, embroidery up that their position, especially in the dress, the biggest difference with the civilian population. Nobility according to different classes have different patterns of performance, high-class people who dress head, portrait or snake-like embroidery patterns, these patterns can not be civilian clothing.

    Stone houses

    Known as the Paiwan, the stone houses are mostly rectangular, depth is not deep. Noble house more wide, more than about ten meters, the height of the eaves with a half meters, almost to the chest, so we have to bend over because as the door.


    Has a class system, Paiwan, only the aristocracy can have a house of sculptures,

    Stone carving

    In the stone bas-relief on the front Zuxian Li as the Paiwan, usually symmetrical, legs straight, hands held in the chest, and with the hundred or the geometry of the decoration pattern. The use of stone is the Paiwan main feature of the process.

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  • 9 years ago

    Paiwan to millet, rice, taro, and lived on Ipomoea batatas, beans, squash, wild vegetables for non-staple food. Method of cooking to boiling, steaming, baking method. Taro is one of the Paiwan important traditional food.

    The mouseUnder the influence of social class, nobility in colour, embroidery of clothing to express their status, especially when dressed, difference between the maximum and the civilian population. Aristocratic according to different classes have different patterns of performance clothing was head of the class high, portrait or snake-like pattern of embroidery, civilian clothing is not available with these patterns.

    Stone slabsPaiwan is known to this, most of this stone slabs into rectangles, depth is not very deep. Noble House is wide, about ten meters, height of the eaves has one and a half meters, almost to the chest, so we walked all bent to it.

    Wood carvingHave a class system of the Paiwan, only the nobility can have a House carving,

    Stone carvingIn stone bas-relief of Paiwan standing positive ancestors, usually symmetrical, two-legs, hands in the chest, and match the hundred-pacer pattern or patterns of geometric shapes. Stone Paiwan technology is the use of one of the main features.

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