Is Guild Wars worth the price just for PvP?

If so, do I need all the expansions for a good PvP experience? Or can I just buy Prophecies and have a great time?

If not, what are some good games that could fill that gap? (Already playing League of Legends)

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    10 years ago
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    Ignore the beta download answer. That's just a virus link.

    You'll need access to all the skills in order to have the best pvp experience, but I'll warn you, the game is 6 years old and pvp is full of elitist with high ranks that don't want newbies around and will flame you non-stop while you're learning.

    If you buy just prophecies you can participate in pvp but you'll be severely handicapped because you'll only have access to about a third of the skills available. Probably the best deal would be to buy either the complete collection or trilogy. If you want to buy just Prophecies then buy the pvp skill unlock packs as well for all games.

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    It's no longer out but. one million. I preorder the constrained version one comes with plenty of stuff like a statue,spells and models ingame. two.te professionals are its purchase it and also you don pay per 30 days. Better photographs then wow and simply seem for movies to look its epicness.

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