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I run a 11.96. Is it possible for me to run a 10.96 by April?

This is my first year of track


My first year of track. 100 meter dash *

Update 2:

My first year of track. 100 meter dash * And i'm 15

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    An 11.96 could get you into the top four in a local dual meet but probably won't take first.

    A 10.96 could possibly win all local dual meets and maybe qualify you into a sectional meet.

    Basically, you're asking if it's possible to become a track star in less than a year. In such a short distance time improvement is measured in hundredths of a second because improvements in tenths is

    very difficult. You will improve as your starting technique is refined but unless you have some unleashed hidden genetic ability I doubt if a full second of improvement is possible.

    You have potential and will improve some and will be an asset to your team.

    The short answer to your question is NO.

  • Adam D
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    I'd say that is probably too much for a single year. In the off season, you should focus on getting stronger, keeping your fitness solid, and keeping yourself injury free. Avoiding injury is the number one priority for athletes, you can't train if you get hurt, you can't improve if you can't train.

    Take it one year at a time, and one small step at a time. You ran 11.96, presumably this spring? Shoot for something more reasonable, maybe 11.5 at the first meet next spring. When you see how you are doing at that race, then you can set your goals for next season based on that time.

    And keep in mind you will still mature some physically over the next few years, and you will get technically better with more experience - better starts, sharper reaction time, improved running form under your coach's direction, etc.

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    Have you tried hard to set your current personal best? If not then its possible. If that was some kind of once in a life time kind of thing then the chances are slim. Best bet is to keep training set up a schedule and maintain your effort to train hard. Best of lucks to you!

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    anything thing is possable in track, you could break the world record or you could not improve at all.

    but most likely if you work hard you could do it. nice time by the way.

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