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If I'm going to be HS senior is it too late to lately to join into any drama and theatre clubs?

I'm kinda scared to start for acting but any who is it late for me to start for acting clubs? I need some type of clue to where to start from I've never acted before. So I am lost from where to start. Help please!

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    Absolutely not!!! In fact, I just graduated and although I have been in theater for 15 years, my senior year was the first year that I participated in a High School production. I was the Production Stage Manager and Assistant Lighting Designer for "Aida".

    In our production we actually had a few people who had never performed before. So don't be scared! Acting is about exploring alternative selves that we slip into for two hours.

    In my last acting job, I played a five year old boy who fell in love with a five year old girl. The show was full of innuendo (we "napped together" and it was my first time and then I found out that it was her fourth time). I had to flash her, she flashed me (with a flesh suit on of course) I danced with her and then stepped on her toe. I was very nervous in the beginning but it was so much fun. We actually went on tour and people seemed to like it so it made if much more enjoyable.

    In a movie shoot a few years ago, I had to run down two blocks of New York City (several takes...several takes) holding my "pelvic region" and acting like I had to go to the bathroom. I got looks from people like you would not believe!

    So as far as where to start with acting, I would go and talk to your drama teacher. He or She may have some suggestions. I would check Wikipedia to learn more about theater and the roles of the people that work to put on a production. Having a monologue (or several) that you are working on always helps, especially if each reflects a different tone (happy, sad, anxious, nervous, depressed, scared, etc).

    Keep in mind that there are MANY roles in theater. My production of Aida had a limited crew but most productions have a job in just about every category. Like I said, talk to your drama teacher.

    Best of luck!!

    P.S. Never say "Good Luck" on opening night.

    Source(s): Stage Manager/Lighting Designer/Puppeteer & Puppet Coach/Actor for 15 years
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    OF COURSE IT'S NOT TOO LATE! Acting is fun to me. Plus it's your last year of high school! Enjoy it! Do things you were scared to do as a freshman! If there is an audition for the school musical do it. If you can or can't sing just have fun with it. Just to tell you some drama and theatre clubs can be kinda protective over the group. I know mine is lol. When act just make as natural as you can. If you do the clubs it doesn't mean you are chained to it forever and you have to go to college for it. Best word of advice I can say is "Have Fun"!

    Source(s): Theatre Student
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    its never to late to try and join, talk with the person that makes the schedules or the teacher in charge of the clubs. If they arent overbooked request to be in it. On the acting part if your a shy person hang back a bit see whats going on and find someone that has there "groove" down and ask for pointers or a study session so you can get your heels in the situation. Plus its high school if you dont have fun its not worth it, so join if you mess up life goes past it just try to enjoy it or your stuck with something you despise for your entire yr or the semester

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    It is never too late! Have courage in yourself, you can do it as long as you believe you can and put effort into it, you can join clubs if there are any at your school and they may even have beginners classes for you since you do not have experience with acting.

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    It's never too late to be involved with theater. After HS, there is community theater..which most groups welcome help..and you can learn all from the box office, to lights,set,acting..etc.

    I have been involved in community theater for over 25 years.. It is a good diversion..a good release(instead of drinking or drugs)..and quite rewarding as well. best of luck.

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    nha man go join that class , i bet someday ull be a famous person :)

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