Am I a geek, a nerd, or a dork?

My name is Lua, my interests are listening to Karen Carpenter (Recently), The Seekers, Beatles occasionally, watching classic series of Thomas the Tank Engine (New series I am okay with, but the old ones are better), watching Whose Line is it Anyway?, drawing anime/manga, doodling, daydreaming, writing fan fictions, reading fiction, manga and fan fictions, thinking about rather useless stuff, browsing deviantArt, napping, singing while showering, Math, Science, playing Plants vs Zombies, thinking of ways to improve my drawings, watching MLP: Friendship is Magic, reading newspapers, and such. By the way, I am a Muslim, and I live in Indonesia (Yes, the three slangs are used in US, I'm just curious)

My favourite songs are:

-Georgy Girl

-A World of Our Own

-I'll Never Find Another You

-Hello, Mary Lou

-Please, Mister Postman

-We've Only Just Begun

-Morningtown Ride

-The Show

-Far Shore

-That's What Friends Are For

-Night Train

-Little Engines

-Every Cloud is Silver Lined (Or Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining, idk)

I don't think I should follow trends, since I think they are a bit dumb, mostly it involves drooling over 'popular Korean-looking boy band members', 'gossiping', 'so-called dating', 'making marriage plans of Korean-looking boy band members', etc. In my school it's like that, at least. One of the reasons why I don't follow trends is one of my friends. She is about my age, but she already has 'over-average' breasts, lots of acne, and is OBSESSED with boys! She has a diary filled with marriage plans, thoughts about trending boy bands, gf/bf things, and delicious drama. Lots of delicious drama.

Fav Books (Still have a lot to go on)

-Dork Diaries

-Diary of a Wimpy Kid

-Practically most of the "Realistic school-life fiction, similar to above"

Fav Food:

-Chocolate with almonds inside

-Fried squid rings

-Cheese (And cheese fries, baked cheese, cheese pizza, cheese filled toast with cheese on top, cheese popcorn, cheese sticks etc)

-Gummy candies

-Squid fried rice

So, am I a Geek, a Nerd, or a Dork?

Sorry for the long question and the inconveniently useless facts.


Oh, I knew when I state I was a Muslim, people will immediately post one of those 'U R DA TERRORITZ!!!!!11111' answers. I'm sure those people are either stereotyping pieces of crud or just joking. By the way, my best friend is a Christian, and I have nothing against other religions :).

Update 2:


(Sorry, just gotta do that... For the lulz)

Update 3:

LuLin, I don't think I came here for an advertisement, but for an ANSWER. So please, avoid answering questions with advertisement UNLESS the person asked for it. Thank you C:

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    Hello there friend. I live in Indonesia too. Moved here about 3 years ago. Before, I lived in America almost all my life-- but I am 100% Indonesian. Or so at least my parents are, lol. I truly hate it when people mistaken Muslims as terrorists or whatever, seriously. Islam is like any other religion there is in this world. And I know myself too that Islam is the most popular religion here in Indonesia, and also some other Asian countries like Malaysia. So are you guys like saying all Muslims in this world are freaking terrorists? Heck no! Even if they wanted to make all this as jokes, it ain't funny, don'tcha agree?

    So anyway, your question is: "Am I a geek, a nerd, or a dork?"

    Uh.. don't think you're any of it. Honestly I didn't read much of your writings, but yeah I read some of em. We do have a lot in common. Kinda.

    Many people consider these three words as the same meanings. They don't, really. They are usually used for insults though. The differences between a geek, a nerd, and a dork (as far as I know) are:

    1. Geeks are considered as smart people that usually focus more on technology.

    2. Nerds are unattractive, above-average intelligent people.

    3. A "dork" is the most ouchies out of the three. It's the biggest insult compared to that of "geek" and "nerd." Search it up in the dictionary-- even the dictionary says dorks are stupid people. And to make matters worse, dorks usually assume themselves cool.

    So there you have it. The difference between the three. Look at yourself, you're none of these. You're great just how you are. And no matter what people say about you, you just need to think positive. :]

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    You are a terrorist living in Indonesia.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    ummmm.....ur..a muslim

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