What pokemon should i teach TM Earthquake in Platinum?

Well i want to teach earthquake to a pokemon to take on the E4 . My current team is like this :

1. Infernape

2. Gastrodon

3. Bronzong

4. Tangrowth

5. Drapion

6. Togekiss

So which pokemon should i teach that move . To Gastrodon or to any other

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    9 years ago
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    either gastrodon or infernape. i wished you would of put your movesets up, but anyways yepp.

    oh and to "dontouch..." togekiss can't even learn earthquake! do some research k bud.

    Source(s): good luck, have played pokemon for 10 years, and still do(: (currently is playing white)
  • 9 years ago

    Depends. Infernape is a good option for it but it's super effective against rock, steel and electricity. Infernape pretty much takes care rock and steel with STAB super effective moves which leaves electricity, but it's ok to have a variety of moves. Gastrodon has more of a Special Attack stat so Earth Power suits it best. Tangrowth can have it to take care of Fire and Steel types, though most of the time the fire types can outspeed it. Bronzong and Drapion are the best choices though, Bronzong can probably take a hit from a fire type and pay back with Earhtquake, and Drapion is just a physical sweeper and can use it effectively.

  • 9 years ago

    Definitely do not teach Tangrowth or Togekiss. Since Infernape has the highest physical attack stat out of all of them, you should teach it that. But do not delete good moves. If you must, teach it to Drapion. I don't know the E4 of Sinoh since I like to play older pokemon games and play the Johto-Kanto region. Good luck!

  • Next time put a question like this in games and recreation then video and online games.And it should be Togekiss.

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  • 9 years ago

    Probably bronzong. If you want I have a bunch or earthquake TM's.

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