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Rate the Names Off Our Future Kids Names List.?

Surname is Cooper-Chapman; will use Chapman in school


Taylor Austin (Rip)

Shia Deacon or Deacon Shia

Brennan Olivander

Schuyler Preston or Preston Schuyler


Gracelan Sofia

Miah Daisy

Kaisey Lauren

BQ: Any other combo suggestions?


Miah is pronounced My-uh as in the end of Jeremiah. I love the spelling.

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    Taylor Austin-7/10

    Deacon Shia-4/10

    Brennan Olivander-9/10

    Preston Schulyer-10/10


    Gracelan Sofia-8/10-I like Sofia Grace better then it would be a 10/10

    Miah Daisy-10/10! love the spelling and the name!

    Kaisey Lauren-10/10-Love It!

  • Taylor Austin: 9/10 Love love love this name.

    Shia Deacon!!! For sur 10/10 ♥ ♥ ♥

    Brennan Olivander 7/10 Love Brennan, but hate Olivander. I like Oliver. :)

    Preston Schuyler 8/10 Cute name. No messing with the spelling.

    Gracelan Sofia 6/10 Gracelan is too made upsy for me & Sofia is too common & reminds me of noodles.

    Miah Daisy 8/10 Like Miah but spelled Maya. LOVE DAISY!

    Kaisey Lauren. 8/10 Cuteee!

    For a boy I like Josh Declan & for a girl Cassie Elizabeth.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Taylor Austin——--5/10- I'd like Austin Taylor much better. And how does Rip factor in at all?

    Deacon Shia———1/10- idk. I just don't like it.

    Brennan Olivander-2/10- Brennan sounds very girly to me, and I prefer Oliver to Olivander.

    Preston Schuyler—3/10- I dont particularly like Preston, and I just don't like Schuyler.

    Gracelan Sofia-3/10- Not a fan.

    Miah Daisy——4/10- I keep seeing Miah and thinking Mia.

    Kaisey Lauren-5/10- I'd switch it to Lauren Kaisey.

    I'd like Austin Taylor and Lauren Kaisey more by far.

  • 9 years ago

    Taylor is going the way of Ashley and Aubrey, which both used to be boy names. Stay away from Taylor, it will be a girl's name. 0/10

    Shia is too feminine, but Deacon is nice. 5/10

    Brennan is cute, but I prefer Brendan. 6/10

    Shuyler Preston? Are you serious? That's just horrid. Preston is ok, Shuyler is managable as a middle name at best. 0/10

    Gracelan Sofia - Drop "lan" and make it normal, otherwise 2/10

    Miah Daisy - Mia Daisy would be gorgeous, but yeah, drop the h 7/10

    Kaisey Lauren - One of those made up trashy American names, it's as bad as Shuyler 0/10

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  • Shea
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    9 years ago

    My favorites are Shia and Miah.

    ...ahah they rhyme.

    The middle names aren't my favorite though. Miah Sofia would be cute. I always liked the ph instead of the f....but do what you want. Oliver is sort of like Olivander...I like Oliver Shia.

    Oliver Shia Cooper-Chapman

    Miah Sofia Cooper-Chapman

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I think taylor is more of a girl name

    Shia is alright but Deacon is ehh.

    Brennan is a cute name but not Olivander(how bout Brennan Oliver)

    How do you even say that?

    I like Sofia a lot but not Gracelan

    Miah is cute but doesnt go with Daisy

    Is that pronounced Kay-z?

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Taylor is nice on a boy. It is originally a boy's name so I like that you actually used it on a boy.

    Shia is a bit strange... Shea maybe is a bit better

    I would go with Brennan Oliver

    Preston Schuyler is nice.

    Gracelynn instead of Gracelan

    Miah Daisy is pretty

    Kaisey Lauren is pretty too (but I pronounce Kaise as in a Kaiser bun... o_O!)

  • 9 years ago

    Taylor austin and Lauren Sofia.

    Source(s): Me
  • 3 years ago

    Emaleigh Gabriella 2/10 (might want to be 8/10, yet that spelling of Emily is undesirable) Kylie Noelle 4/10 (might want to be 6/10 if it were Kayla, yet Kylie is so so cutesy and cliche) Grace Megan 8/10 Lauren Anais a million/10 (Lauren is dated and Anais is merely unusual. Lorraine Amaia might want to be large) Caleigh Renee 2/10 (might want to be 7/10 yet that spelling of Cali/Callie is undesirable) Aubrey Nicole 0/10 (the call is only a negative sufferer of overkill) Josephine Marie 9/10 Eva Mae 8/10 (might want to be 10/10, however the E quite then the Y merely seems unusual) Tucker Rhianne 0/10 ( tucker is ridiculously masculine, and by no skill even pleasing for a boy no longer to point a woman sorry. Rhianne is okay, I do favor Rhianna or Rhiannon) Steven Daniel 10/10 so lovable <3 Landon Calloway 4/10 (Landon is useful, Calloway is to corny. Landon Cassius is giant) Michael Christopher 2/10 (to boring/known) Oliver chase 7/10 useful <3 Brooks Matthew 5/10 ( it really is a lovable blend, yet brooms has continually jogged my memory of a u . s . bumpkin) Connor Blake 8/10 love this one <3 Callum Thomas 7/10 very sweet William Andrew 6/10 BQ : properly my call is Samantha Rae (hate Rae lol) even as i replaced into youthful i replaced into continually taking under consideration diverse center names, because i love my first call and so those are some recommendations I got here up with, Samantha Grace Samantha ruby Samantha Jade Samantha Ivy Samantha Yvonne Samantha Gwen BQ2 : Steven Daniel, Oliver chase, Connor Blake and Josephine Marie. --Connor Blake,Callum Thomas,Josephine Marie and Eva might want to. BQ3 : sturdy thanks for asking, and your self?

  • 9 years ago

    Miah & Shia rhyme if its [Shy-uh]. I like Preston Schuyler better.

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