How should i start my argument essay about immigration?


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    8 years ago
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    Hi Judith, Immigration Reform

    At this time, the United States has allowed more immigrants to enter the

    country than at any time in its history. Over a million legal and illegal

    immigrants take up residence in the United States each year. Immigration at its

    current magnitude is not fulfilling the interests or demands of this country.

    With the country struggling to support the huge intake of new comers, life in

    America has been suffering tremendously. The excessive stress put upon the

    welfare system, overuse of the family reunification laws, and the exploitation

    of employment based immigration in the computer industry are reasons for

    immigration reform.

    The United States welfare system has difficulties supporting the huge

    numbers of immigrants coming into the country each year. A majority of the

    immigrants are from poor countries and come to the U.S. looking for work. you can find more info here:

  • 8 years ago

    Look up the federal law, then detail examples how and why politicians refuse to enforce our immigration laws.

    Detail the steps that legal immigrants go through, to become citizens, so it will be clear between the difference how people legally become citizens and the path democrats want to take, to give illegals citizenship, so they can be enrolled into the Democratic party.

    Cite the crime caused by illegals, this information is kept from the public because the liberal media wants illegals to be given citizenship, to boost the rolls of the democratic party, to endure socialism will prevail, every election.

    Finally, list what effect on our economy and way of life, it we found a reasonable method to deport all the illegals who have entered this country.

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    8 years ago

    Pathos. You want to start with something that will interest your reader. Depending on whether you're trying to make a point for or against immigration will be a deciding factor in what you start with.

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    8 years ago

    Every single day, 5,000 illegal immigrants come into the united states each day. They drain our schools, law enforcement money, and fill up our jails. That's if you're talking about illegal immigration.

    If you're talking about immigration as a whole, talk about the very begening of the United States and how all the immigrants came from Eastern and Western Europe to obtain a better life.

    Source(s): Common Sense
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  • 5 years ago

    Continued immigration and forced assimilation is Genocide of the white race.

  • 8 years ago

    Everyday US citizens worry about illegal immigrants taking the jobs that they don't want to work in

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