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Is there any way I can be a CEO in my company at 17?

I am creating a company but now I am going through all of the legal stuff with my Grandpa who is a lawyer, and I can't legally be a director or officer in the company, so I'll have to make my parents that. He told me that I can own 100% of the shares though, is that correct?

Is there any way I can get around this? What position could I be hired in at 17 years of age? I live in Canada where the age of an adult is 18.


This question may have come across differently then I wanted it to. I respect the advice I have been given and I am going to phone him tonight, but before I phone him I would like to know what position can I have in the company at 17 where I still get some control?

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    No, because you cannot legally sign contracts until you are 18, Listen to your grandpa and be patient for one more year.

    Maybe you can unofficially be president of the company in the meantime. CEOs work on the company's long-term strategies and strategic partnerships, while presidents deal with day-to-day operations and bottom-line performance. As explains, the CEO handles overall strategy while the president's responsibilities are more managerial.

    Presidents answer to CEOs. According to, presidents often hold the title of Chief Operating Officer, or COO. The COO is responsible for executing the policy of the CEO and board of directors. So, in short, it's a "vision thing" versus a "nuts and bolts thing."

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