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Earn a Master's in Conductive Education within the United States?

Conductive Education really hasn't hit North America yet and it's truly a shame. The programs it offers are fantastic. I've been doing my own research but I can not seem to find more than 2 reputable looking sites with information (and only one of those two was a undergraduate program at a university in Michigan)...

Does anyone have any information on any Universities/Colleges that offer a Master's program regarding Conductive Education? Even a Master's of Special Education w/ a Concentration in Conductive Education or ANYthing. Either it doesn't exist or I'm having a hard time finding it.


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    Hi. This is an interesting and perhaps timely question. I am based in the UK and we have recenty had European meetings to dicuss a specialised masters in CE. So, the quick answer is that it doesn't exist yet! To have a specialist route requires a critical mass of students to study and as CE is relatively small then this poses a problem. Post-graduate courses to become a conductor are of course different (in Europe) than a masters programme which focuses on research. In the UK we are just starting the process of writing and accrediting a post-graduate diploma to gain a conductor qualification however this is different to the planned masters route.

    I don't know if this answers your question but may give you more information.

    Melanie Brown - The National Institute of Conductive Education, Birmingham, UK.

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